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Слайд 1

Слайд 2

[t] - travel, travelling, customs, flight, seat, ticket, get tickets, check-in counter, security [d] - direct, depart, departure, mind, minded, declaration [ð] - the, there, there is, there are, than, other

Слайд 3

I like (dislike) travelling by plane (because):

Слайд 4

Can I help you? I would like to reserve … to … . When are you planning to leave? On the … of … . Are you going to travel…class or … ? …seat(s) in … class, please. How much would that be? … dollars. Please, give me your name and address. Sure. … Would you like to get your tickets now? Yes (No. I’ll pick them up before the departure).

Слайд 5

Departure To go through the formalities Check-in counter To fill in the customs declaration Luggage Boarding pass Security check Carry on luggage Antihijacking measure

Слайд 6

1. What do you need to go abroad? 2. What formalities do you have to go through before the departure? 3. What do you have to declare at the customs declaration? 4. What antihijacking measures are there at the air companies?

Слайд 7

I value wisdom over gold and understanding over silver. I value … over gold and … over silver. (life, information, peace, knowledge, friendship … )

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