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Planet Earth is in danger

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Planet Earth is in danger

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Слайд 1

Planet Earth is in danger Nature - the only book where every page is full of deep content. By Goethe

Слайд 2

How beautiful is and amazing world around us! How beautiful and inimitable vast forests and the shoreless sea, deep rivers and lakes, high mountains and green plains, wide steppes and boundless desert!

Слайд 3

Here she flies, so little. Here it is feels sad in its delving thought. Here she swims, shaky coolness emanates. Still alive! People still believe! Here she swims through thunderous midnight Requests the all people Is calling come to the rescue. Asked me to come to the rescue!

Слайд 4

Natural events

Слайд 5

Environmental danger

Слайд 6

Contribute to environmental pollution: agricultural activities human wastage of fossil fuels, large extended of chemical industry Everyone knows that today our planet is in danger and if we continue to callously exploit it, by the end of this century due to erosion will lose more than a third of fertile land disappears million species of living organisms, and the population will require new resources.

Слайд 7

Start small! Every spring, declared the month of purification of settlements of debris. Take an active part in the cleanup! You liked the cleanliness of the streets? Do not litter, and they will remain so forever!

Слайд 8

Dear friends! The Earth with its biosphere - the greatest miracle she have one … Let us take care of our Earth! Everywhere, at every step, all and sundry. Another planet we will not! Tomorrow the Earth will be what we will create it today.

Слайд 9

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