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The Queen And Her Family

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The Queen And Her Family

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Слайд 1

The Queen And Her Family

Слайд 2

British family In the composition of British family enter : Elizabeth II is a Queen of Great Britain; the prince Fillip is a spouse of Queen Elizabeth; the prince Charles is a senior son of Queen, legal successor of British throne; the prince Andrew is a second son of Queen, duke Wales; the prince Edward is a younger son of Queen, duke Edinburgh; the princess Anna is a daughter of Queen Elizabeth; the princess Kentscay is a wife of prince Kentscoho Mycale; Sara Ferhyston is past wife of prince Andrew; Vellum and Harry is princes , children of prince of Charles and calm Diane; Camilla Parker-Bouls-spouse of prince Charles.

Слайд 3

Elizabeth II - Queen Great Britain Proceeds from Windsor dynasties. Become on the throne 6 February 1952 at an age 25 years after death its father of king George VI. Ceremony coronations Elizabeth II was happen in Westminster Abbey. This was a first coronation of British monarch, translated on the television. She is the most old on an age by the British monarch in histories. At present occupies a second place in histories on length of stay on the British throne (after the Queen of Victoria) and also second place in the world on length of stay as chapters of state amongst now acting chapters of states (after the King Thailand). She is also chapter an English church and sovereign commander-in-chief British armed forces. Riding drive and breeding of dogs refer to its fascinations. In 2012 Elizabeth II will celebrate its 60-year’s on the throne.

Слайд 4

Camilla- second wife of prince of Charles, under the law is princess, but it does not use this title.

Слайд 5

Princess Anna - daughter of Queen Elizabeth II

Слайд 6

The Princess Beatrice - a granddaughter of Queen Еlszabeth II. She 21. Its bridegroom

Слайд 7

The Princess Еvheniy - a granddaughter of Queen and Beatrice sister.

Слайд 8

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