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Презентація на тему:
"The protection of the environment

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"The protection of the environment

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Слайд 1

The protection of the environment Made by Gorinov Victor

Слайд 2

The protection of the environment Russia’s fauna Birds and animals in danger National parks and nature reserves Ecological situation in my home town The flora and fauna in Oryol and its region Orlovskoye Poles’ye Rules of behaviour in different places Gallery

Слайд 3

The Earth is our home. We must take care of it. We must do our best to make our country richer and our life happier.

Слайд 4

Our country is very big. Its vast territories lie in different climatic zones from the North Pole to subtropics in the South. Russia’s fauna is extremely rich. Great amounts of various mammal species, species of birds and fishes live there. Sometimes people are too violent to wildlife and kill animals and birds. So, a lot of species have disappeared. Rare species are entered into the Red Books of the USSR and Russia.

Слайд 5

In the world there are a lot of animals and birds that are in danger. They are in The International Red Book.

Слайд 6

The well-known national parks in Russia are Valday, Orlovskoye Poles’ye and Losiny Ostrov. Sikhoalinsky, Prioksky, Astrakhansky, Barguzinsky nature reserves in Russia are world famous. All people know about Belovezhskaya Pushcha in Belorussia, Yellowstone, The Great Smoky Mountains, The Grand Canyon in the USA, The Lake District in the UK. A lot of different species of animals and birds live free of danger from man in national parks and nature reserves .

Слайд 7

ECOLOGICAL SITUATION IN MY HOME TOWN I live in the ancient Russian city Oryol. In general ecological situation in my home town and its Region is relatively stable. It is so because there are no industrial «giants» and large mines in the area. But the pollution of the water bodies by industrial enterprises and the state of atmospheric air in the large cities cause some worry. The Region suffered from Chernobyl catastrophe.

Слайд 8

The flora and fauna of the region are quite versatile, 64 species of mammals, about 240 species of birds are registered in the Region, more than 300 species of fish and invertebrate are found in the waters of the Region. In order to preserve the natural complex of central Russia National Park «Orlovskoye Poles'ye» has been created. It is situated at the point where three natural climatic zones — taiga, deciduous -forests and forest-steppe meet.

Слайд 9

ORLOVSKOYE POLES’YE «Orlovskoye Poles'ye» is situated in the north-west part of Oryol Region, on the territory of Khotynets and Znamenka Districts, at the junction of two natural climatic zones -deciduous forests and forest-steppe zones. The climate in this zone is moderate continental with a warm and humid summer, moderately cold winter with a stable snow cover. Nearly the whole territory of «Orlovskoye Poles'ye» is situated in the basin of the tributaries of the Oka river — Zhizdra and Nugrya. The main river of the national park— Vytebet' flows into the Zhizdra. The tributaries of the Vytebet' on the territory of the park are: Radovishchi, Shkovka, Lisichka, Elenka, Moshchenka, Rakitnya, Lesoshnya, numerous streams. In the park there are two small shallow lakes and 82 artificial pools. The largest of them are: Obmezh, Trubechina, the lake Central.

Слайд 10

Unique natural objects of the park On the territory of the park there are different types of forest, marshlands, water flora, flood-lands and waterless valleys, forest borders and heather waste grounds. Out of 130 kinds of plants, 31 are endemic for Oryol Region. And Russian hazel-hen, finger-root elder, lily-saranka, bear's onions, Siberian iris are included into the Red Book of the USSR. In the park there have been noticed 220 species of vertebrates: 44 species of mammals, 147 species of birds, 5 species of reptiles, 8 species of Amphibians, 16 kinds of fish. 69 species of animals are rare. 14 kinds of insects, an eagle-snake-eater, a bison and one of the rarest representatives of the fauna of our country — desman — are entered into the Red Books of the USSR and Russia.

Слайд 11

It’s important to behave in the right way if you go out.

Слайд 12

Rules of behaviour in the street, park or garden: Don’t throw litter away. Put it in a rubbish bin. Keep off the grass. Don’t speak too loudly.

Слайд 13

When you are in the countryside remember the following rules: Leave wild flowers for others to enjoy. Don’t disturb birds and animals. Remember! When the fire is left, the forest is damaged.

Слайд 14

Be quiet, don’t make a lot of noise. Keep dogs under control. Don’t frighten animals.

Слайд 15

If you have a pet, take a good care of it. Feed your pet twice a day. Clean your pet’s place. Play with your pet. Make your pet the happiest in the world.

Слайд 16

People! Don’t kill us…

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