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Презентація на тему:
Enviromental Protection

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Enviromental Protection

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Слайд 1

Enviromental Protection

Слайд 2

Aim. to recognize new words in the texts, understand their meanings and use them discussing the topic; to watch video for the main ideas and specific information; to do tests on computers; to саrry on a conversation about shops and shopping.

Слайд 3

Motto of the lesson: The Earth doesn`t belong to us, we belong to the Earth

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Слайд 13

Our mother is showing The red warning light. “Be careful”, she is saying. To take care of the planet is To take care of our own house. Dalai Lama

Слайд 14


Слайд 15

Volcanic Eruption

Слайд 16


Слайд 17

Industrial Waste

Слайд 18


Слайд 19

Acid Rain

Слайд 20


Слайд 21

The air, water, and land on Earth, which can be harmed by man's activities. Environment

Слайд 22

Rain that contains harmful acid which can damage the environment and is caused by chemical in the air, for example from cars or factories. Acid rain

Слайд 23

Unwanted materials or substances that are left after you have used something. Waste

Слайд 24

The cutting or burning down of all the trees in an area. Deforestation

Слайд 25

The process of taking too many fish from the sea, a river etc, so that the number of fish in it becomes too low. Overfishing

Слайд 26

A situation in which a large number of people have little or no food for a long time and many people die. Famine

Слайд 27

A very large amount of water that covers an area that is usually dry. Flood

Слайд 28

If a volcano erupts, it explodes and sends smoke, fire, and rock into the sky. Volcanic eruption

Слайд 29

The process of making air, water, soil etc dangerously dirty and not suitable for people to use, or the state of being dangerously dirty. Pollution

Слайд 30

The study of the relation of plants and animals to their environment. Ecology

Слайд 31

Rainforests are the oldest expressions of life on our planet. According to scientists, they now cover only 2% of the globe; 50% of the original rainforests are lost forever. However, rainforests still contain more than 50% of all living species: a wide variety of animals and plants. They are all part of a complex system - each depending on the others to survive. The destruction of one species can result in the extinction of the other.

Слайд 32

Animals of the rainforest occupy specific micro-environments: [1] some never go down to the ground; [2] some live in a middle layer; [3] others never leave the ground.

Слайд 33

Слайд 34

Слайд 35

Endangered species Animals and plants in danger of becoming extinct. Extinct When animals and plants die out and are gone from the Earth forever (like dinosaurs).

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Слайд 37

Слайд 38

The Eden Project

Слайд 39

Слайд 40

Слайд 41

Слайд 42

Слайд 43

The Eden Project is a series of joint greenhouses. Plants insects, reptiles and birds can live inside the biomes The have three bioms here. If you are a visitor of the Eden Project you can see lots of different climates in a single day. The Eder Project is a wonderful example how nature can be appreciated and protected at’ the same time.

Слайд 44

“ Look after this planet, it`s only one we have” The appeal of Prince of Britain, President of the World Wild Fund of Nature (WWF)

Слайд 45

Homework Group A: Write an article “How to improve the global environment” suggesting ways to improve our environment. Group B: Name environmental problems of our town. Make up questions to find out how to solve them. Group C: Make up questions to ask on the topic . Be ready to ask these questions to your classmates.

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