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Презентація на тему:
The Method of Describing People

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The Method of Describing People

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Слайд 1

Describing People Page *

Слайд 2

1 2 3 Page *

Слайд 3

Introduction Paragraph 1 Name of the person when, where and how you first met him/her Main Body Paragraph 2 Physical appearance (facial features & clothes) Paragraph 3 Personal qualities and justification(s)/examples Paragraph 4 Hobbies/interests Conclusion Paragraph 5 Comments & feelings about the person Page *

Слайд 4

fantastic sense of humour, sailing, painting, good-looking, immature, great sense of style, scuba diving, out going, olive skin, curly dark hair, casual clothes, friendly, wavy hair, pale complexion, rude, lazy, pointed nose, shoulder-length hair, tall, slim, of medium height, generous, popular, skiing, bossy, attractive, plump, rafting. Page *

Слайд 5

Hobbies/interests, name & when/ where/how met, comments/feelings, physical appearance & clothes, personal qualities Page *

Слайд 6

When you describe someone’s physical appearance you start with the general features (i.e. height, build, age) and move on to the more specific ones, such as hair, eyes, nose, etc. You can also add a description of the clothes the person likes to wear. When you describe someone’s personal qualities you should support your description with examples and/or justifications. You can also describe someone’s personality through their mannerisms by: Referring to the way they speak. Describing the gestures they use. Mentioning a particular habit they have. Page *

Слайд 7

And, but, with 1.Bob is a tall man in his late twenties…..dark hair and brown eyes. He has a beard…he hasn’t got a moustache. He likes wearing jeans, t-shirt…..trainers. And, with, who 2. Jenny is a pretty child….will soon be eight years old. She is quite tall for her age….long curly hair, big almond-shaped eyes….a wide smile. As well as, also, both 3. Helen is….cheerful and friendly. She is…..polite…….kind-hearted. She never says a bad word about anyone. However, and, also 4. Carl is very intelligent……always gets fantastic marks in all his tests. He is……creative and likes to write sport stories………,Carl is rather shy and feels uncomfortable speaking in front of a lot of people. Page *

Слайд 8

e.g. My grandmother is a very kind-hearted person. She cares about everyone she meets and she is always ready to help someone in trouble. Our teacher is quite handsome . I like five-year-old cousin, but he can be very naughty. My friend, Jackie, is very intelligent. My neighbour, Mrs Gray, takes good care of herself. My sister’s friend, Simon, loves adventure and dangerous sports. Page *

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