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Презентація на тему:
Шкільні предмети

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Шкільні предмети

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

of December Class-work Wednesday, the fourth

Слайд 2

School and School Subjects D A H B C F Е G I A B C D F Е G

Слайд 3

School & School Subjects I. Introduction II. Warm-up Ask your partner What subjects have you got at school on…? What do you do on the lessons?

Слайд 4

Discuss with your partner - Hello! - Hello! How are you? - I’m fine. Thank you. - What subjects have you got at school on Monday? - On Monday we have got … . - What do you do in the English lessons? - In our English lessons we… - Ok. Good-bye! - See you soon.

Слайд 5

III. Main part 1. Listening Several hours – кілька годин Cool – класний, -а, -е 100 (one hundred) days – 100 днів Sway - хитати(ся), колихати(ся)

Слайд 6

The Song №1 We go to school several hours a day There's time to learn and there's time to play Goin' to school - ooh, ooh, goin' to school Is really cool - ooh, ooh, school is cool Lots of other kids are there with me We're like a great big family- Ooh, school is cool.

Слайд 7

100 days, 100 days, 100 days of school today So clap and sway, and say, hurray! 100 days of school today The Song №2

Слайд 8

School, School, School, School, School; Five days a week, we come to School. There are children who Don't have even one day of School. The Song №3

Слайд 9

Well all right: all right! Ok: OK!! I'm glad I'm at school today. Well all right: all right! Ok: OK!! I'm glad I'm at school today. Well all right: all right! Ok: OK!! I'm glad I'm at school today. The Song №4

Слайд 10

Go to... Time to… A great… School is… All… Even more… 1.) Match the words and word combinations. family right day learn school cool

Слайд 11

2. Answer the questions. Why is school cool? How many days a week do children go to school? Are you glad to be at school today? 2. Reading Pre-reading After listening

Слайд 12

Hogwarts School

Слайд 13

Слайд 14

Слайд 15

Слайд 16

Слайд 17

Слайд 18

Слайд 19

Слайд 20

Слайд 21

It is a… It is in the… It stands at the…

Слайд 22

It is big & beautiful. There are four… in it. There are many… in the house. There are many… in the corridors.

Слайд 23

Letter Hello, My name is Harry Potter. I go to school. It is old. My school is large and light. There are many corridors in it. You ____ see pictures of the people on the walls. We ____ a big dining room. Here pupils and teachers ____ their breakfast and dinner. Hogwarts has got a library. There ___ a lot of interesting new and old books in it. While reading

Слайд 24

In front of the school there __ a big sports ground. Here on the sports ground pupils have their PT lessons when the weather is fine. I like to go to school. We have 4 lessons in the morning. They ___: Magic Maths, English, Reading and PT. I like my subjects. English is the subject I like most of all. In our English lessons we read interesting stories, play games and sing songs. It __ very exciting to learn English. Bye, Harry

Слайд 25

Post reading Are the sentences true or false? 1. Harry goes to school. 2. His school is small. 3. They have a small canteen. 4. There are many old books in the library. 5. Pupils have their PT lessons in front of the school. 6. His favourite subject is PT.

Слайд 26

3. Relaxation

Слайд 27

4. Focus on Grammar Look at the picture and write what the children do in their PT lessons.

Слайд 28

Home assignement Learn the new words (Ex. 3 p. 62) Tell what you do in the morning (Ex. 4 p. 62) WB Ex. 3 p. 40. IV. Summing-up

Слайд 29

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