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Презентація на тему:
Russian writers

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Russian writers

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Слайд 1

Russian writers

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Слайд 3

Thank you, so much for this information Olga and Kseniya! It is going to help me a lot. Emily Hello, My name is Kseniya. I am a student of the 8th grade and a pan-pal of Krista Phelps. My teacher Olga asked me to answer your questions. Let’s start. What kind of books do you read over in Russia? Oh, that’s difficult. To my mind, Russia is a reading country. We read books of all genres.  And we don’t care, if the books we read are written by foreigners.  We also love our native literature like Pushkin, Hohol, Tolstoy and others. As for me, I am keen on fantasy. My favorite American author is Stephanie Meyer. I am a really Twilight fan. Stephanie is a very good writer, she made me reading a love story, I had never done before. But the best of the best is “The Fiery Faculty” by Alex Kosh. It’s a Russian book, so you can’t read it? But I sure, you can, you will fell in love with it))) What movies do people watch in Russia? What a nice question! We watch your films!!! American cinema industry is stronger and better than ours, but now the Russians begin to shoot very good exiting movies. You can listen about “The Mermaid”, as far as I know, it is famous abroad.  I like “Stardust”, “Step Up”, “Spiderman”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “The illusionist” and many more. My favorite Russian movie is “We are from the future”. It is very funny, but makes you think. I hope my information will help you. Ivaschenko Kseniya 3 Roman Question: what kinds of books read in Russia? Answer: It is very difficult to answer this question. Different people like different genres. Somebody loves detective stories, somebody loves romances. For example, I very like books which tell about world after nuclear catastrophy. My best friend loves fantasy, but many people don’t read books. They think, it is a waste of time. They serf world wide web. It is their source of information.

Слайд 4

Aim of the lesson Making a list of Russian authors and books that give the idea of Russian character and lifestyle

Слайд 5

Warming up Critical thinking skills (generalization, analyzing, matching ) Describing the book

Слайд 6


Слайд 7

What is general? Alexandr Pushkin Radischev Block Tvardovsky Green Solzhenitsyn

Слайд 8

Odd one out Silver age poets Michail Lomonosov Anna Akhmatova Marina Tsvetayeva Sergey Yesenin Nikolay Gumilev Osip Mandelshtam Boris Pasternak

Слайд 9

Generalization Nobel Prize Laureates Ivan Bunin Boris Pasternak Mikhail Sholokhov Alexandr Solzhenitsyn Josef Brodsky

Слайд 10

What is the next number? Average teenager 2,000 Intellectual 10,000 A.Pushkin 18,000 W.Shakespeare 26,000

Слайд 11

Discussion What Russian authors are known abroad?

Слайд 12

Famous writers

Слайд 13

American student`s video Russian literature Themes

Слайд 14

Vocabulary Suffering - страдания Redemption- искупление Recurrent - повторяющиеся

Слайд 15

Making a list I recommend … I would advise them to read…. They should pay attention to … …is worth reading It would be wise to read …

Слайд 16


Слайд 17

Turnip Grandpa Grandma Granddaughter Dog Cat Mouse

Слайд 18

20 questions

Слайд 19

Anna Akhmatova

Слайд 20

Слайд 21

Слайд 22

Hometask Thursday - Poem reciting Friday - Essay writing: Russian writer I recommend my pen-pals to read

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