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Презентація на тему:
Profession of journalist and lawyer in Ukraine and America

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Profession of journalist and lawyer in Ukraine and America

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Yevhen Hrebinka Completed student group vsrb-1-18 Chornobrova Maryana Назва презентації ПІБ доповідача, посада

Слайд 2

ПІБ доповідача, посада Yevhen Pavlovych Hrebinka (January 21 (February 2), 1812, Ubizhysche, Pyriatynskiy district, Poltava province, Russian Empire - December 3 (15), 1848, St. Petersburg, Russian Empire) - Ukrainian writer, educator, publisher. The elder brother of architect Nikolai Hrebinka.

Слайд 3

ПІБ доповідача, посада Born on February 2, 1812, at the Farm of the Pyriatynska Oblast in the Poltava region (now the village of Maryanivka, Grebinkivsky District) in the family of the retired captain of the captain Pavel Ivanovich Hrebinka and his second wife, Nadezhda Ivanovna Tchaikovsky.

Слайд 4

ПІБ доповідача, посада Initial education at home. In 1825-1831 he studied at the Nizhyn High School of Higher Education. In high school I began to write poetry. In 1827 he wrote a dramatic work for an amateur theater "Do not sit in other people's sleds". In 1829 he began work on translating Pushkin's poem "Poltava" into Ukrainian. Participated in publishing handwritten journals, compiled from students' works by M.Gogol, N.Kukolnik, M.Prokopovich, G.Grebinka.

Слайд 5

ПІБ доповідача, посада In 1831, on the pages of the "Ukrainian almanac" in Kharkiv, under the pseudonym E. Grebenkin, he saw his first printed work - a poem grew up. "RoDaev feast" ("Rogady was sitting between friends ...").

Слайд 6

ПІБ доповідача, посада Most of the tales of Hrebinka are "Cuckoo and Snigir", "Sun and Clouds", "Roza and Humil", "Shkolil Denis", "Sinner", "Crow and Lamb", "Wolf and Fire" and others - with their roots reach the people's creativity and built on the comparison of two morals - patron and popular, predatory and humane. For her fables, Hrebinka uses the traditional characters in the folk art of the Bear, Vovk, Fox, and Eagle, and on the other side there are Vils, Cows, Snow Maiden, Lamb, Horseshoe.

Слайд 7

ПІБ доповідача, посада In his fables, short miniatures, constructed, as in dramatic works, on the contrast and collision of characters, good and evil, Hrebinka achieved the simplicity and ease of style, the accuracy of characteristics of the characters, making his works a phenomenon in the Ukrainian literature of that time. Participated in the redemption of Shevchenko from serfdom and helped release "Kobzar" in 1840.

Слайд 8

ПІБ доповідача, посада The NBU coin is dedicated to Yevhen Hrebinka

Слайд 9

Thank you for attention! Дякую за увагу!

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