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Презентація на тему:
Present Simple or Present Continuous

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Present Simple or Present Continuous

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Present Simple or Present Continuous.

Слайд 2

1. I__ eating a delicious dish now. 2. We___ playing on computer.

Слайд 3

3. She___washing dishes after the supper. 4. Sally and her husband ____ Walking in the park. 5. Look! The dog___ running fast.

Слайд 4

1. ___ you like to sing songs? 2. ____ you sing a song now? 3. ____ Mark drive his car well?

Слайд 5

4.____ Mark driving a car? 5____ all my class having an English lesson now? 6. ____ we study a difficult grammar rule now?

Слайд 6

7. My friend ____ not enjoy watching horror films. 8. I___ not waiting for him at the moment.

Слайд 7

9. We___ not ant to be upset. 10. Tom and his sister___ not prefer rap music.

Слайд 8

1. The Sun (to go) round the Earth. 2. I ( to fell) love now.

Слайд 9

3. He ( to grow) different plants in his garden. 4. I ( to write) a letter for my pen pal now.

Слайд 10

5. We (not to have) dinner we ( to study) now. 6. Ann ( to draw) a self-portrait.

Слайд 11

7. ____ she want be an agronomist? 8. What___ you ( to do) now?

Слайд 12

9. She___ ( to plan) to enter a university. 10. What ____he (to do)?

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