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Present Perfect ContinuousTense HAS/HAVE BEEN+DOING Affirmative Negative Questions Ihavebeen+playing You Wehavebeen+playing They‘vebeen+playing He Shehasbeen+playing It‘s beenplaying Ihaven’t been +playing You Wehaven’tbeen+playing They Hehasn’tbeen+playing She It HaveIbeen+playing? You HaveWebeen+playing They He HasShebeen+playing It

Слайд 3

Application Inclusive Exclusive An action which began in the Past and is still going on. An action which was recently in progress but is not going on at this moment. I have been learning English for 10 years. ! I have known her since childhood. Why are your eyes red? Have you been crying? There are puddles everywhere. It has been raining.

Слайд 4

Adverbs of time FOR SINCE For 2 years For ages For a month For a few days For a lifetime For all my life Since last year Since my childhood Since I know him Since last Christmas I’ve been working on this problem for a week. I’ve been searching for a job since September. SINCE WHEN? HOW LONG?

Слайд 5

State verbs Present Perfect Continuous Present Perfect

Слайд 6

State verbs

Слайд 7

Compare Present Continuous Present Perfect Continuous WHEN? HOW LONG? Whatareyouwriting? I’m writinga letter. Ihave been writingit for an hour. FOR SINCEDURATIONOF ACTION

Слайд 8

Compare Present Perfect Present Perfect Continuous A completedaction, a result Anincompleteness, a process The bottle is empty. Somebodyhas drunkthe lemonade. Somebodyhas been drinkingfrom this bottle. It’s half empty. To criticizeor complain. Whohas been messingaround with my papers? They’re all over the place.

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