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Презентація на тему:
Our Environment

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Our Environment

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Our Environment Савина Наталья Игоревна

Слайд 2

The aims of the lesson: To speak about ecology; To hear a text about climate; To read the text “ Our Environment;” To make up sentences about ecology.

Слайд 3

Green Fields. Once there were green fields kissed by the sun, Once there were valleys where rivers used to run, Once there was blue sky with white clouds high above, Once they were part of an everlasting love. We were the lovers who strolled through green fields. Green fields are gone now, parched by the sun, Gone from the valleys where rivers used to run, Gone with the cold wind that swept into my heart, Gone with the lovers who let their dreams depart.

Слайд 4

Green fields. Where are the green fields that we used to roam? I’ll never know what made you run away. How can I keep searching when dark clouds hide the day. I only know there’s nothing here for me, Nothing in this wide world left for me to see. But I’ll keep waiting till you return, I’ll keep on waiting till the day you learn You can’t be happy while your heart’s on the roam. You can’t be happy until you bring it home. Home to the green fields and me once again.

Слайд 5

Listen to the text and say which of the facts are true, false or not mentioned in it. 1) Climate all over the world has become hotter. 2) Climate is changing nowadays. 3) Climate influences the life of people more than the life of plants and animals. 4) Climate in Europe has changed recently. 5) Winters in Europe are colder nowadays than in the twentieth century. 6) Summer temperatures in Europe can be more than thirty degrees above zero.

Слайд 6

What do this words mean? a) being a with others 1) Isolation means b) not being with others. a) a living animal or plant. 2) An organism is b) a very small organ. a) the place where we live. 3) Environment is b) our planet. a) a person who loves the natural world. 4) An ecologist is b) a scientist who studies the environment. a) a group of people living in the same place or plants growing in the same place. 5) Population is b) a group of people or animal living in the same place.

Слайд 7

Our Environment. Water to drink- вода для питья (чтобы пить) Air to breath-воздух для дыхания (чтобы дышать) Food to eat-продукты, предназначенные для еды (чтобы есть) a plant-a factory that makes cars, machines, ect.

Слайд 8

Find the word combination after the text. 1) чтобы мы могли жить 7) мы производим массу 2) воздух, чтобы дышать отходов 3) формировать почву 8) мы сбрасываем быто- 4) столько, сколько можем вые отходы 5) мы вырубаем леса 9) сливаем ядовитые 6) мы загрязняем окружаю- отходы щую среду 10) опасный для дыхания

Слайд 9

Make up sentences about ecology. Page 148, exercise 9 safe-безопасный For example: Our planet should be safe to live on.

Слайд 10

Thank you for your work! Homework: P. 150,Ex 1; P.151,Ex 4. Let’s keep ourselves and our environment!

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