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Hobbies and pastime

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Hobbies and pastime

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HOBBY is a favourite pastime of a person. '' Twice happy is the man who has a hobby, for he has a hobby, for he has two worlds to live in…’’

Слайд 3

Different people have different hobbies Playing sports Keeping pets Fishing Dancing Travelling Hunting Collecting Watching TV Reading books Listening to… Watching video Playing the guitar (musical instruments) Doing voluntary work Participating in lotteries

Слайд 4

Computer Watching TV Collecting cards Learning things Stamps Postcards Toys Pictures Cups Collecting things Travelling Sport Photographing Music Doing things Cooking Painting Gardening Making things Hobbies

Слайд 5

Interesting facts about hobbies of famous people President Eisenhower - painting Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov-writing music President Bill Clinton - playing the saxophone Former President Boris Yeltsin - playing tennis President Vladimir Putin - judo Sir Winston Churchill - painting

Слайд 6

We are best friends, My hobby and I. We have such fun My hobby and I. We are best friends, Can you say why? MY HOBBY

Слайд 7

There are a lot of proverbs about hobbies He works best who works his trade. Every man to his trade. Practice is the best master. He who begins many things finishes but few. The busiest men find the most leisure. There is no accounting for tastes. Our best friend is our hobby. No living man all things can. Tastes differ. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Слайд 8

One Thing at a Time All that you do Do with your might, Thinks done by halves Are never done right. Edith Segal Work while you work, Play while you play. That is a way To be happy and gay. One thing at a time, And that done well, Is a very good rule As many can tell.

Слайд 9

YOUR CHOICE All people want to spend their free time in an interesting way. Do you agree? Is it easy to find an activity, which you will enjoy, in your free time? Have you already found something special for yourself, something you do for amusement, or because you are interested in it? Good luck!

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