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Презентація на тему:
My Hobbies and Pastimes

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My Hobbies and Pastimes

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Presentation of additional materials to the textbook “English” Form 5 Compiled by Alla Pinkevych, school №1-gymnasia of Ratne

Слайд 2

Hobby is something that you do regularly for pleasure in your free time. Pastime is something that you enjoy doing when you are not working.

Слайд 3

What is a hobby? Hobby is what you like to do in your free time. Name the words on the topic “Hobby”. P1, P2, P3,... Look at the pictures of different hobbies and make up sentences. Hobby

Слайд 4

1. This hobby is interesting and useful. People try to find or buy different things such as stamps, badges, coins, pictures, dolls, etc. Their collections can be thematic. This hobby helps people to make new friends and learn some new things. (Collecting.) 2.People like working in the garden. They are fond of flowers, bushes, trees and different kinds of plants. They like nature and admire the beauty of nature. (Gardening.) 3. People like to make new dishes. They often cook for the family and for their friends. They can boil or fry meat, fish, and chicken and make deserts. (Cooking.) 4. People like to go to the library. Some of them have a good collection of books at home. They can have different books about animals and birds, books about different countries. (Reading.)

Слайд 5

We like playing golf Tom likes gardening We like taking pictures Tom is fond of chess We like running Tom likes sightseeing They like dancing Jane enjoys skiing They hate dancing Jane doesn’t like skiing They don’t mind climbing Jane likes skating Anna is very good at dressmaking Sue adores films Anna likes playing chess Sue likes painting Anna likes skiing Sue collects paintings

Слайд 6

I put a ____ on my letter, because I wanted to send it to my English friend. a) badge b) coin c) stamp d) ticket He ____ in teaching pop music. a) specialize b) specialist c) special d) specialized My friends are fond of ____ badges. a) collector b) collection c) collecting d) collected

Слайд 7

I like music very much. I can play the violin and I can play the piano. I have violin lessons on Tuesdays and piano lessons on Fridays. I play the violin in the school orchestra. We practise every week, on Thursday evenings. Sometimes we give concerts. I can't play the guitar or the trumpet. I like listening to classical music but I don't like opera. I like listening to pop music, and I like reading about pop music, too. Say, if the sentences are true or false. 1 Jane likes music very much. 2 She has violin lessons on Sundays. 3 Jane plays the violin. 4 They give concerts very often. 5 Jane likes to dance and sing.

Слайд 8

  On Monday he ----- On Tuesday he…. On Wednesday he-- On Thursday he--- On Friday he---- On Saturday he--- On Sunday he-------

Слайд 9

a) 1. music, just, is, For, a, someone, hobby. b) 2. musical, learns, She, a, instrument, play, to, school, at, musical, a. c) 3. was, He, the, of, jazz, truly, king. d) ----------------------------------------------- e) --------------------------------------------------- f) -----------------------------------------------------

Слайд 10

Слайд 11

My father likes… playing chess Elderly people like… growing flowers Teenage boys like… playing violin Girls usually enjoy… going shopping My Mum enjoys… swimming Billy dislikes… solving crosswords I enjoy… playing piano Many boys enjoy… collecting stamps Who likes…? surfing Internet

Слайд 12

Слайд 13

I enjoy… I’m interested in… 1._________2.________3.________4._________ What do you think about our activities? Which activities do you think are fun? Why do you enjoy doing these activities? I like __________ because I ____________ Dangerous Exciting Boring Fun Challenging

Слайд 14

It’s an outdoor summer sport. It is an individual sport. You need a suit, special boots, a cap, mittens and a horse. What sport is it? (horse racing) It’s an indoor sport. There are two persons in it. You need 16 balls and two cues. What sport is it?(billiards) Its hobby is for both: a girl and a boy. You need an album, a camera and a good weather. What hobby is it? (photography)

Слайд 15

Talking between Tony and Daniel. ---Can you come to my house on Wednesday, Daniel? ---Sorry, I play basketball on Wednesday. ---Oh, where? ---At the Sports Center. ---What time do you play? ---Um, Twenty past five. What about Saturday? I can come to your house on Saturday. ---OK. Come on Saturday morning Talking between Liz and Mark. ---Hallo, Mark. What are you doing? ---I’m reading a book about Italy. We’re going there for our holiday this year. Oh. ---That should be good. When are you going? ---Next week. ---Where are you going to stay? ---On a farm near Como. My father’s friend lives there. ---Where is Como? ---It’s in the mountains --- near Milan. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Слайд 16

… different people have…different hobbies. … hobby is something you like to do in your free time. One of … most popular hobbies is … collecting. Very many …boys and …girls are fond of … sports and that is their … hobby. Keys: 1) -, -; 2) a; 3) the, -; 4) -, -, -, -.

Слайд 17

Work in pairs. Talk about things you like doing in your free time. Make up a dialogue according to the pattern. Patten:A: What do you like doing in your free time? B: I like dancing and drawing. And what about you?

Слайд 18

Work in groups. Make a list of activities you usually do in your free time. Outdoor activities: to play golf, … Indoor activities: to play table tennis, … Activities to do alone: to play the piano, … Group activities: to make a project, …

Слайд 19

1. Look! Nick … photographs. 5. The children … already … a model a) take a) are making b) is taking b) were making c) takes c) have made 2. They … to the party last Sunday. 6. My sister … to the concert tomorrow. a) didn’t come a) is going b) aren’t coming b) will go c) weren’t coming c) goes 3. Tracy … TV yesterday. 7. The pupils … go to school every day a) watch a) can b) watches b) must c) watched c) may 4. We … tennis at 5 p.m. yesterday evening. 8. Sara is in her room. She …to music. a) played a) listens b) were playing b) is listening c) have played c) was listening Keys: 1-b; 2-a; 3-c; 4-b; 5-c; 6-b; 7-b; 8-b.

Слайд 20

How do you like to pass your free time? Look! These pictures can help you.

Слайд 21

1. I like sports. 2. Misha likes to speak English. 3. They drive a car. 4. Computers can always help you. 5. It is fun.

Слайд 22

English #3 2010, #9 2008 English shows, parties, games “Основа”2006 Google http://www.google.com.ua/

Слайд 23

Пінкевич А. В. Електронний посібник “Hobbies and Pastimes” до підручника О. Карп’юк “English” 5 клас. У даному посібнику завдання складені відповідно до чинної програми, затвердженої Міністерством освіти та науки України.

Слайд 24

Електроний посібник спрямований на урізноманітнення навчального процесу. Запропоновані завдання – якісна форма спонукання учнів до комунікації та стійкого інтересу до мови. Призначений для учнів середнього ступеня навчання. А.В. Пінкевич

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