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Презентація на тему:
How not to get into trouble in conversation

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How not to get into trouble in conversation

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

or How not to get into trouble Form 8A School 2

Слайд 2

Hello! We are a group of pupils of form 8A, School 2, Nova Kakhovka. We are going to study some customs around the world. We are to answer the questions: What is different and what is common? What and why do we have to know while visiting other countries?

Слайд 3

We’ve made a survey to find out if our schoolmates know much about customs in different countries. Here are the results We should do something about it!

Слайд 4

We’ve checked some websites and that’s what we have found out…

Слайд 5

Ways of greeting in different countries Hello! Hello! Ni hao! Bon jour! Namaste! Hola! Dobrogo dnia! / Pryvit! Words Countries Gestures Britain A handshake The USA A handshake, a hug (friends) China A bow France A light handshake, a double kiss on the cheeks India A slight bow with hands pressed together Mexico A handshake (may be followed by a strong hug and a few hearty pats on the back) Ukraine A hug, three kisses

Слайд 6

Tables manners: People… …have to ask three times, offer you food three times before you can accept it In Indonesia …eat with a fork and a knife In the USA and European countries (including Ukraine) …eat with fingers in India …eat with chopsticks In China and Japan ...slurp their noodle and smack their lips as a sign of respect In China and Japan …belch at the table (it’s a compliment) In Arab countries and India

Слайд 7

Eye contact: People… … look in the eye in the USA and most European countries (including Ukraine) …look down to pay you respect in Mexico Attention!!! Now among teenagers, if you stare somebody in the eye, it’s an invitation to violence. They call it ‘mad-dogging’.

Слайд 8

Other customs: People… …remove their shoes before entering somebody’s house in most Asian countries …arrive on time for meetings or social events in Britain …believe that the smile is a sign of frivolity in Korea and Japan …consider periods of silence during a meal embarrassing in Ukraine

Слайд 9

We’ve compared the Ukrainians customs with those of the other countries and we’ve come to the conclusion that… we’ve got much in common with the USA and some European countries. Customs in Asian and Arab countries differ a lot from ours.

Слайд 10

We’ve read a lot about culture and customs in other countries and now we know that.. …customs are closely connected with the history of the country and its religion; …customs within one and the same country depend on gender, on age, on how familiar you are and on what region of the country you are from; …customs in many countries are changing due to globalization.

Слайд 11

The brainstorming has helped us realize that not knowing other peoples’ customs can result in misunderstanding and misinterpreting! To avoid it we should know more about other cultures!

Слайд 12

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