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Слайд 2

New York is the largest city in the USA and one of the largest cities in the world. It is situated at the mouth of the deep Hudson River, so it has always been the gateway to the USA. People who come to NY by ship see the Statue of Liberty first. It is the symbol of NY and freedom for people all over the world. NY consists of five boroughs:1-Manhattan 2-Brooklyn 3-Queens 4-Bronx 5-Staten Island (Richmond)

Слайд 3

The centre of NY is Manhattan Island. Here you can see numerous skyscrapers which house banks and offices of American business: the Empire State Building, Rockfeller Centre, The United Nations Building, Central Park, Times Square, Broadway.

Слайд 4

The Empire State Building The United Nations Building Rockfeller Centre Guggenhaim Museum of Art

Слайд 5

Wall Street in Manhattan is the financial heart of the USA and the most important banking centre in the world.

Слайд 6

Broadway is the symbol of American theatre

Слайд 7

Seventh Avenue is a shopping centre of NY. The shops here are luxurious.

Слайд 8

The crossing of Broadway and Seventh Avenue forms world-famous Times Square, where New Year’s Eve celebrations always take place.

Слайд 9

NY is often called the cultural capital of the USA. There are more than 800 museums in NY. One of the best known is the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Слайд 10

Park Avenue is a symbol of luxury and fashion because of its large expensive apartment houses.

Слайд 11

Central Park is called «the lungs of NY». There are lakes, nice green avenues, two skating rinks, many sports grounds and playgrounds for children, and the Zoo in the park. It is surrounded with a 10km-long trek which is very popular with bikers, roller-skaters and joggers.

Слайд 12

Bronx is the northern borough of NY. Its population is multinational. Hip-hop and rap originated in Bronx. The largest NY’s ZOO and Yankee Stadium are also in Bronx.

Слайд 13

Queens is the largest NY’s borough. In the past there were small towns and settlements founded by German immigrants here. Now its residents are well-to-do new yorkers.

Слайд 14

Brooklyn is situated on the Long Island. Most of immigrants from Russia live here, in Brighton Beach which is called “American Russia”. In the 19th century Brooklyn was a separate big city. The most popular place in Brooklyn is Esplanade where new yorkers like to spend their free time.

Слайд 15

Staten Island has fewer residents than other NY’s boroughs. It is situated on the island of Staten. Mostly well-to-do white new yorkers live here.

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