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Презентація на тему:
"My favourite magazine"

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"My favourite magazine"

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Слайд 1

My favourite magazine

Слайд 2

My favourite magazine is “Young Lady”. It is very popular teenage magazine. I read it every day and every time because it have a lot of useful information.

Слайд 3

On first page it contain contents. It very necessary for me because I can find helpful tips at once.

Слайд 4

In every issue I can find something new and different. There are fashion advices, interviews with well-known actors, singers, sportsmens, designers. There is always a good piece of advice!

Слайд 5

Also this magazine have very interesting tests and truethful horoscopes. Thanks to it, I can now what have to happen with me!

Слайд 6

All columns in this magazine are very interesting, but my favourite is cuisine. I like to cook very much and I often use advices from it.

Слайд 7

On the last page there are words of popular song. I lIke this coulmn very mach too!

Слайд 8

I like this magazine very mach and recommend to read it!

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