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"Му favourite group Linkin Park"

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"Му favourite group Linkin Park"

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Linkin Park Linkin Park - an American alternative rock band . Founded in 1996 under the name Xero. Having been around since 1999 under the name Linkin Park, a group twice been awarded "Grammy" . The group has found success with their debut album in 2000 called Hybrid Theory, sold over 24 million copies. The next studio album , Meteora, repeated , though not surpassed the success of the previous , leading in 2003 on the Billboard . In total, the group went albums a total circulation of 60 million copies.

Слайд 3

In the early days, Linkin Park was formed by three friends who gave up their high school studies because they were very interested in music. They began to sing together and have a growing need of other people to join their group. They recruited Joe Hahn who was at first DJ for the group and finally Dave Farrell and Mark Wakefield (who is no longer in this group today).

Слайд 4

Composition group Chester Bennington - (singer) Mike Shinoda - (various instruments)

Слайд 5

Brad Delson (guitarist) Dave Farrell (bass)

Слайд 6

Rob Bourdon (drums) Joe Hahn (turntables, keyboard)

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