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Слайд 1

London historical sights

Слайд 2

London – Capital of the UK – From Above To see British capital from above To recognize at the first sight (what?) The historical sights of London The Thames River The Palace of Westminster The Clock Tower of Big Ben Westminster Abbey The British TV Tower (165 metres) Trafalgar Square with Nelson’s Column Buckingham Palace

Слайд 3

The Clock Tower to be of great interest to stand near Westminister Palace to be built in the 19th century (1858) to have four faces (the clock) to have a very loud bell to weigh more than 13 tons (the bell) Sir Benjamin Hall to be in charge of the building of the Clock Tower Big Ben in honour of Sir Benjamin Hall (the tall man) to call the clock, its bell ad the Clock itself

Слайд 4

Trafalgar Square One of the most famous attractions in London Nelson’s Column In the middle of the square a statue of Nelson on the top of the column the famous British admiral Historical victories in the war against Napoleon to attract many tourists from other countries

Слайд 5

The National Gallery to be situated in Trafalgar square to be famous all over the world to contain real masterpieces of art and sculpture to be brought from other countries in the world to come to the gallery to see its treasures to admire all exhibits of the world famous collection of the gallery

Слайд 6

The Tower of London to be very old In the early days of the history of England to live in the Tower (English kings) to be a royal palace, a castle, a fortress, a prison (in the past) to be a museum (now) Half a dozen of black ravens or so (to live at the Tower) to look after the ravens (the Yeoman Rave Master, to feed (the ravens) to exist as long as (Britain; a legend) to be famous for the nightly ritual of the Ceremony of the Key to look the big doors for the night (the guards, at 10 pm)

Слайд 7

The Tower Bridge to be of great interest to stretch across the Thames River a historical place of interest to have two towers to attract a lot of tourists to make the view of London more attractive

Слайд 8

St. Paul’s Cathedral one of the most beautiful Renaissance building in the world to attract visitors from all over the world to contain many fine paintings, sculptures, monuments a works of art the greatest work of Christopher Wren the England’s architect to be finished in 1710 (the building of the Cathedral) to be almost eighty already (Christopher Wren)

Слайд 9

Buckingham Palace one of the most remarkable sights of the British capital the official London residence of the British Royal family Changing of the Guard in front of the palace to attract a great number of Londoners and tourists from other countries

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