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London Quiz

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London Quiz

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Слайд 1

London Quiz

Слайд 2

What river does London stand on? A) the Thames B) the Severn C) the Clyde

Слайд 3

What’s the name of a man the monument to whom stands on Trafalgar Square? Chaplin Nelson Cromwell

Слайд 4

Who is the first woman Prime Minister of Britain? A) Thatcher B) Livingstone C) Scott

Слайд 5

What’s the name of the Princess of Wales who died in a car crash in Paris? Debby Dolly Diana

Слайд 6

Who tried to blow up Parliament on November 5, 1605? Arthur Fawkes Drake

Слайд 7

What’s the name of the London underground? A) Metro B) Tube C) Subway

Слайд 8

What London street is famous for shops? Oxford Street Fleet Street

Слайд 9

How many historical places does London consist of? 1. 3 2. 4 3. 5

Слайд 10

The traditional English Drink is ___ Coffee B) Cocoa C) Tea

Слайд 11

Where is London Zoo situated? 1. St.Jame’s Park 2. Regent’s Park 3. Hyde Park

Слайд 12

The oldest university in Britain is in ______ A) London B) Oxford C) Edinburgh

Слайд 13

What’s the name of the Queen who ruled the country for the longest period of British History? A) Mary B) Victoria C) Elisabeth

Слайд 14

Who build the first bridge across the Thames? A) the Egyptians B) the Greeks C) the Romans

Слайд 15

What’s another name for the ‘City of London’ A) the Square Mile B) the Square Kilometre C) the Centre

Слайд 16

What is Big Ben? A) a clock tower B) a clock face C) a bell

Слайд 17

Who designed St. Paul’s Cathedral? A) Christopher Wren B) Benjamin Hall C) Indigo Jones

Слайд 18

When did the Great Fire of London break out? A) in 1066 B) in 1666 C) in 1766

Слайд 19

Which is the largest and oldest museum in Britain? A) The British Museum B) the National Gallery C) Madame Tussaud’s

Слайд 20

What are the famous guards of the Tower of London Called? A) bobbies B) pearlies C) beefeaters

Слайд 21

Where is the meeting point of six streets? 1. Piccadilly Circus 2. Houses of Parliament 3. Westminster Abbey

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