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Презентація на тему:
Life in the future

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Life in the future

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Слайд 1

Life in the future Citizens 2050

Слайд 2

Short plan People and relationships in the future Education and medicine in the year 2050 Space exploration and travel on other planets Travel on our own planet Damaging the environment The future of Cyberspace

Слайд 3

People and relationships in the year 2050 I think that friendship – one of the most important human relationships – will have changed dramatically. The world’s getting quicker all the time and we have no time for talking. Because of computers, which will have become absolutely essential by 2050 we will have little real human contact. Even now many people make friend through the Internet because they haven’t them in reality.

Слайд 4

We will be living faster, but will we be living better? Not long ago people believed that in the future we would work less, have more free time, and be more relaxed. But today we work harder, work longer hours, and are more stressed than 10 years ago. We walk faster, talk faster, and sleep less then previous generations. And although we’re obsessed with machines which save us time, we have less free time than our parents had. We’re always trying to do more things in less time and, as a result, our lives are more stressful. So, if we don’t slow down, we won’t live as long as our parents. For most people, faster doesn’t mean better

Слайд 5

Education in 2050 Education will have changed a lot too. Perhaps there will be no more real schools in the future, so we will study near our computers – virtual teachers will be giving the lessons from the computer screen. What is more, certain abilities, like mental arithmetic, won’t be necessary since there will be computer programs for most calculations.

Слайд 6

Medicine in 2050 I think a lot of diseases will be cured in the future. If scientists manage to find a cure for cancer and AIDS, we will have a much healthier society. On the other hand, new diseases will have appeared – it’s going to be a balance. There always will be.

Слайд 7

Space exploration and travel on other planets Space exploration will become increasingly popular. Maybe we will be flying off for a holiday on the other planets like Mars or Venus. To be honest, I don’t think space travel is going to happen for a lot longer

Слайд 8

Check your knowledge What have scientists discovered on the moon? a) air b) ice c) oxygen In what year will commercial flights probably start? a) 2008 b) 2012 c) 2025 What company is going to build a lunar hotel? a) Hilton b) Holiday Inn c) Hyatt What is a Japanese company planning to build? a) a sport centre b) a golf course c) a hotel How will people get oxygen to breathe? a) from rocks b) from Earth c) from ice How will you able to communicate with Earth? a) by mobile phone b) by radio c) by Internet

Слайд 9

Travel on our own planet I think by the year 2050 travel on our own planet will have changed a lot. People will travel more, transport will become faster and cheaper. In my opinion, everyone will have personal car, plane, shuttle or something like this. What is more, because of problem with fossil fuels we might see more solar-powered cars, electric trains, different forms of transport – it will have replaced the cars we use nowadays. On the other hand, if there are many more people traveling around, it will be overcrowded in cities.

Слайд 10

Damaging the environment By the year 2050 we will have started using cleaner forms of energy and environmentally-friendly cars. In addition, we will have discovered a way to get rid of rubbish without damaging the environment. On the other hand, there will be fewer wild animals and, because of too many kinds of machines, the rivers, lakes and seas will have become too dirty to swim in.

Слайд 11

The future of Cyberspace In the last 30 years, the Internet has grown dramatically. In 1983, there were only 200 computers connected to the Internet; now there are around 50 million and this growth is clearly going to continue.

Слайд 12

Some experts are pessimistic about the future. One worry is the activities of cybercriminals. Even now, young hackers can get into the computers of banks and governments. In the future, cyberterrorists may ‘attack’ the world’s computers, cause chaos, and make planes and trains crash. However, many people are optimistic about the future of the Internet. Already, users can buy books, find out about holiday offers, book tickets, and get all sorts of information from the Internet. They also believe that we will get entertainment from the Net and that television will probably disappear.

Слайд 13

Virtual reality Some specialists see our future in virtual reality – the use of computers with sounds and images that make you feel as if you are in a real situation. Moreover, people will be living and working in virtual offices, shop in virtual supermarkets, and we will even study in virtual schools.

Слайд 14

Thanks for attention!

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