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Презентація на тему:
Hip-Hop Culture

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Hip-Hop Culture

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History of development This culture appeared comparatively recently, approximately 30 years back . It was engendered in America and Canada.

Слайд 3

Clothes Clothes are comfortable and wide. Mainly is its reliability and comfort. Dressed even synthetic clothes on for the improvement of motions.

Слайд 4

Dance Hip-Hop gives a lot of possibilities for improvisation and self-expression. Sometimes easy and smooth, sometimes hard and aggressive - this dance will always find the veritable admirers. They differ predilection to break-dance, to graffiti, sporting spacious clothes and shoe.

Слайд 5

It is a bright generation of modern youth which freely expresses the emotions by street dances.

Слайд 6

Music Hip-Hop Music differs widely from other types of music. It differs dense basses and steady rate. Hip-Hop Music united in itself the great number of different types of music.

Слайд 7

Culture This culture is very various. They like to use narcotic facilities. Almost all of representatives of this culture from unsuccessful families. Many are involved in crimes.

Слайд 8

This subculture is very famous in our time. Many teenagers of the whole world want to be part of it. Many of them even become famous to due to Hip-Hop Dance and Hip-Hop Music!

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