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Презентація на тему:
Inventors and Inventions and other misplaces

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Inventors and Inventions and other misplaces

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Famous Inventors and their Inventions Teacher: G.P. Fausiek

Слайд 2

was born 1881 in France in a 13-children family was a engineer who manufactured bicycles by trade was very ingenious and had a talent for drawing had invented the first helicopter died 6 June 1944

Слайд 3

Cornu designed the world's first manned rotary wing aircraft and made the first piloted freeflight with it at Lisieux, Calvados, France on November 13, 1907. This first flight lifted Cornu about 30 cm (1 ft) and lasted 20 seconds. This first helicopter was powered by a 24-horsepower Antoinette engine.

Слайд 4

But he generally recognized inventor of the first practical helicopter was Professor Heinrich Focke of Germany.

Слайд 5

A modern helicopter

Слайд 6

was born on August 4, 1561 was a courtier and author was a prominent member of Queen Elizabeth I's court invented the modern flush toilet in1596 died on November 20, 1612

Слайд 7

Sir John Harrington set about making a "necessary" for his godmother and himself in 1596. A rather accomplished inventor. Harrington ended his career with this invention, for he was ridiculed by his peers for this absurd device.

Слайд 8

Was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1836 Invented a modern zipper in 1893 Made a number of automobile improvements, one of which made his son a millionaire Died in 1909

Слайд 9

Judson's clasp locker was used mostly on mailbags, tobacco pouches and shoes. However, his design, like most first inventions needed to be fine-tuned. A more practical version came on the scene in 1913 by a Swedish engineer, Gideon Sundback . The name changed again when the B. F. Goodrich Co. used it in rubber boots, galoshes, and called it the "zipper" because the boots could be fastened with one hand.

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