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great britian

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great britian

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Слайд 1

The role of English language in people’s life and learning English

Слайд 2

Means of communications

Слайд 3

to chat on the Internet to get new information to have an English-speaking pen-friend to watch video

Слайд 4

To phone my friends and parents To send messages To listen to music

Слайд 5

What was the first means of communication ?

Слайд 6

1.Language 2.Speaking

Слайд 7

60% of all international telephones calls are made in English More than 60% of all scientific journals are written in English. 75% of world’s letters and faxes are in English. 80% of all information in the world’s computer is in English.

Слайд 8

2.to find a job abroad ENGLISH 4.to find new friends 5.to watch films in the original 6.to go abroad on an exchange programmes 3.to earn a lot of money 1.to travel everywhere in the world

Слайд 9

learning grammar; 2. learning vocabulary (words and idioms); 3. learning pronunciation; 4. reading; 5. listening music, the radio, watching videos and educational TV programmes. You need to practice grammar together with vocabulary It’s better to learn a few words at a time and practice them It’s important to learn both formal and informal English You need to look words up in the dictionary and make a note of the most useful ones You need to listen to them

Слайд 10

English is a way to better life. James Thurber

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