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Genres of books

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Genres of books

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Слайд 1

Genres of books

Слайд 2

c Genres of books Poets and poetry biography verse poet limericks poem Burns Rhyme Shakespeare Pushkin detective stories Love stories legend fiction Byron fable novel comics

Слайд 3

Can you give me something for light reading ? What is it about ? do you want any particular author ? Can I return it within a week or so ? You are sure to enjoy it

Слайд 4

Most people ignore poetry because There are no dull subjects Choose the author as don*t judge a book A room urthouth look in… Books should be Wear the old coat One story is good till a )another is told b) There are only dull writers c) Few and good d) And buy a new book e) By its cover f) A body without soul g)You choose a friend h) Most poetry ignores most people

Слайд 5

R.Burns is unigue for the melody of his verses R.Burns was born in a workers family He received some elementary schooling He was fond of Byron He was a man of character He wanted justice for his people He was not well educated for his times He died at the age of 38

Слайд 6

Oh , my L0ve is like a red , red rose That*s newly sprung in June. Oh, my Love is like the Melodies That*s sweetly play*d in tune

Слайд 7

Instructions Read the text (3-5) Ask the questions (5) Fix all the answers Represent the text (5)

Слайд 8

Limerick AABBA

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