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There is no denial that it is impossible to imagine our life without books. They become our friends since childhood. There are many wonderful children’s books. Parents begin to read books to their children when they are very small. I think that every child enjoyed reading or listening to books by such wonderful writers as Korney Chukovsky, Samuel Marshak, Agnia Barto, Edward Uspensky and others. Their poems, rhymes and storey are very interesting and enjoyable. Children learn a lot of useful things from books.

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Слайд 4

Science fiction is a genre in literature, one of fantasy versions. Science fiction is based on fantastic events in the field of science and technology, both natural, and humanities. These products are based on unscientific events, concerning other genres. Themes of science-fiction products are new inventions, unknown to science facts, researches of space and travelling in time.

Слайд 5

Literature of horrors is a literature genre, having for an object to cause sensation of fear in readers. Often, but not always in literature of horrors is narrated about supernatural literally words. More often protagonists of such products are vampires, zombies, werewolves, phantoms, demons, etc.

Слайд 6

Thriller is a type of the literary works, aspiring to create at spectators sensation of intense experience, excitement. The genre has no clear boundary. Often thrillers carry detective-adventure products the accent in which is displaced on preparation for any difficult crime.

Слайд 7

Detective is mainly literary and cinema genre which products describe process of research of mysterious incident for the purpose of finding-out of his circumstances and a riddle disclosing.

Слайд 8

Comedy is a genre of a work of art characterized by comic or satirical approach.

Слайд 9

Satire is an accusatory product representing a negative phenomena of validity in ridiculous, ugly kind.

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