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Family. Версія 1

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Family. Версія 1

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Слайд 1


Слайд 2

Family People who are closely related Mother, father and their children There is no strict definition – a fabulous phenomenon constantly developing

Слайд 3

Family Values Cohesion – being together in one group and nurtured by it Flexibility − ability to solve different conflicts Communication − to express themselves freely

Слайд 4

Types of families Nuclear Extended Blended (stepfamily) Same-sex Childless Two-parent Singular (one) parent

Слайд 5

Nuclear Family Extended Family

Слайд 6

Stages of creating a family Dating Courtship Engagement (arranged marriage is optional) Wedding Divorce (if 2 individuals are not able to maintain friendly and loving relationship to each other)

Слайд 7

Слайд 8

Exchanging of Rings

Слайд 9

Tying of the garments, joining of hands

Слайд 10

Circle a Sacred Fire

Слайд 11

Dressed in White

Слайд 12

Nuptial Mass

Слайд 13

Chuppah – a Canopy

Слайд 14

Crowns Attached by a Ribbon

Слайд 15

Big Weddings and A Private Wedding ceremony

Слайд 16


Слайд 17


Слайд 18


Слайд 19

Divorce Adultery Desertion Drunkenness Conviction of a felony Cruel and inhuman treatment

Слайд 20

Слайд 21

American Family Individualism Retirement houses ECONOMICALLY INDEPENDENT Dual career families (the gender roles are redefined) Single-parent families A transforming institution

Слайд 22

Ukrainian Family Extended Skills inherited from parents A husband is a master of the house The same social status Two-parent Nuclear Outside the family Is displaced from the centre of the family Marriage of convenience Singular-parent is possible

Слайд 23

Thank’s for watching By Kris Willow

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