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Презентація на тему:
Extreme Sports

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Extreme Sports

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Слайд 1

Extreme Sports. Healthy Way of Life Ella Bokhenska

Слайд 2

Objectives: to develop free speaking using personal experience and knowledge exchanging opinions on the topic; to develop students’ creative thinking; to widen students’ outlook.

Слайд 3

Have you ever done any of these things? How are they related to youth culture?

Слайд 4

Do you agree with this quotation? What counts in sport is not the victory, but the magnificence of the struggle. (Joe Paterno)

Слайд 5

Are they ordinary or extreme kinds of sports? What adjectives would you use to describe them?

Слайд 6

An extreme sport is one that is done in a way that has much more risk and so is more dangerous than an ordinary form of the sport. (Longman Exams Dictionary) An extreme sport is a very dangerous sport or activity which some people do for fun. (Oxford Wordpower Dictionary)

Слайд 7

Match the pictures with the names of sports. rafting, rollerblading, paragliding, caving, rock climbing, snowboarding, surfing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Слайд 8

Add some more words to this word map. Extreme sports parachuting rafting

Слайд 9

Matching activity 1 BASE jumping a) rollerblading down a mountain 2 bungee jumping b) jumping out of a plane with a surfboard attached to your feet 3 free-climbing c) a jump from a bridge or building. A jumper is attached to the bridge/building by an elastic band 4 off-piste in-lining d) a parachute jumping from a building 5 sky-surfing e) climbing a mountain without ropes

Слайд 10

Do you know any people who do extreme sports? What qualities do they have? Which of the following statements can be true about people who do extreme sports? They are terrified. They enjoy adventure. They can be of any age. They forget their everyday problems. They are asking for trouble. They enjoy winning prizes. They need to be careful and well equipped.

Слайд 11

Look at the photos. Aren’t the boys happy? Read an extract from their mother’s letter. Why is she worried? What would you advise her? …My sons are very brave boys. They spend a lot of their free time on the beach. I worry about them. They are good swimmers but their new hobby is terrible. Can you imagine? They do extreme sports! They enjoy surfing. I’m in despair. Could you advise me anything?..

Слайд 12

Choose the most suitable sport for each person. My name’s Laura. I’m a speed addict. I just love going fast. My idea of fun is racing with the wind in your face on a cold winter morning. And when you are on your own, it’s brilliant. My name’s Natasha. I like to challenge myself physically and see what my body can do. I set myself more and more difficult goals. It’s really stimulating to explore the natural world too. I’d love to do something that no one had done or find a place that no one knew about before. I’m Luke. I like outdoor activities. And I spend most of my free time outside. I like excitement but I don’t want to work too hard for it. It’s fine if it’s risky. But I’m not keen on being in small spaces or high up. I really enjoy doing activities with other people. My name’s Matthew. I’m a very active sort of a person and I like trying unusual sports. It’s boring doing what everyone else does. I’ve had a go at bungee jumping. The best activity I’ve tried so far is parachute jumping. I loved the feeling of being free like a bird. I don’t mind taking risks.

Слайд 13

What sports would you recommend for: a serious person an energetic person a brave person an adventurous person an intelligent person a lonely person an emotional person

Слайд 14

Can you do this quiz? Sports that are very exciting or dangerous…... Sports that you play in water …… Sports that are done on snow, ice, such as skiing and ice-hockey ……. Someone who likes a particular sports team, and often goes to watch them play…… Someone who is watching an event of a game ……. A building for sports consisting of a playing field surrounded by rows of seats ……. A way of living that involves doing activities which keep you physically fit ……… The fastest speed, longest distance, highest or lowest level etc. that has ever been achieved or reached, especially in sport ……..

Слайд 15

Strange Sporting Statistics Do you know that the oldest marathon runner in the world was Dimitrion Yordanidis from Greece? He completed the Athens marathon in 1979 in 7 hours 33 minutes at the incredible age of 98! We all know that basketball players are tall, but the tallest basketball player known is Suleiman Ali Nashnush who played for the Libyan national team in 1962. He was 2.45m tall. It’s interesting to know that the heaviest international goalkeeper on record was Willie (Fatty) Foulke who played for England? He was 1.90m tall and weighed 165 kg. They say they once had to stop the game because he broke the bar of the goal!

Слайд 16

Stress and Fitness Complete the text. cold headache hurt illnesses keep fit pains pull a muscle relax stressed stressful Nowadays many people have very (1) lives. Doctors say that stress can cause many (2), and in some cases even heart attacks. If you are feeling (3) you are also more likely to get a (4) or flu, or suffer from (5). You should try to rest and (6), and do exercise to (7). But be careful! You should start slowly, or you could (8) your back or (9). If you notice any (10) after doing exercise, see a doctor.

Слайд 17

Proverbs about healthy lifestyle A sound mind in a sound body. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. The best of the sport is to do the deed and say nothing. Good health is above wealth. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Never say die. The best doctors are Doctor Diet, Doctor Quiet and Doctor Merry Man. A good laugh is the best medicine.

Слайд 18

Sweat plus sacrifice equals success. (Charlie Finley)

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