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Henry Spencer Moore ( 1898 – 1986 )

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Henry Spencer Moore ( 1898 – 1986 )

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Слайд 1

Henry Spencer Moore ( 1898 – 1986 ) Nosova Natalya Nosova Natalya

Слайд 2

Outside the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) in Toronto there is a large bronze sculpture by the English sculptor Henry Moore. The name of the sculpture is Two Large Forms and it has been at the AGO since 1969. You can see more of Henry Moore’s sculptures inside the AGO. Nosova Natalya Nosova Natalya

Слайд 3

Bronze is a mixture, called an alloy, of copper and tin. When an artist wants to make a bronze sculpture he has to make a hollow mould first. The mould is in the shape of the sculpture. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 4

Making the mould is a long and complicated process. When the mould is ready, very hot liquid bronze is poured into the mould. As the liquid cools down it hardens. Artists have been using this method for many centuries. Nosova Natalya Nosova Natalya

Слайд 5

Many of Henry Moore’s large sculptures can be found in other cities around the world. A second famous sculpture by Henry Moore, The Archer, is in front of Toronto City Hall. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 6

Nosova Natalya

Слайд 7

Listen to the text and mark the statements ≪True≫ (T) or ≪False≫ (F). 1. The Archer by Henry Moore is in front of the Art Gallery of Ontario. 2. Bronze is an alloy made of copper and tin. 3. Henry Moore was born in Canada. 4. Making a mould for a bronze sculpture is easy. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 8

Nosova Natalya

Слайд 9

Fill in the Blanks: 5. Hot ______ bronze is poured into moulds when an artist is making a bronze sculpture. 6. A Henry Moore sculpture can be seen in front of Toronto ________ Hall. 7. Artists have been making bronze sculptures for many ______. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 10

Nosova Natalya

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