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Презентація на тему:
English Quiz

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English Quiz

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Слайд 1

GLOBAL ENGLISH English Quiz 2010 Karuna Olga Yurievna.

Слайд 2

Question 1 How many words did William Shakespeare use? a) 300 b) 3,000 c) 30,000

Слайд 3

Question 2 How many native words are there in the English Language? a) 70% b) 50% c) 30 %

Слайд 4

Question 3 Which English word has the most definitions? a) set b) get c) have Set Get Have

Слайд 5

Question 4 What language did William The Conqueror use? a) French b) English c) German

Слайд 6

Question 5 Which is the most common letter in English? a) ‘e’ b) ‘a’ c) ‘i’

Слайд 7

Question 6 Which is the least common letter in English? a) ‘x’ b) ‘q’ c) ‘z’

Слайд 8

Question 7 What is the capital of Canada? a) Montreal b) Ottawa c) Adelaide

Слайд 9

Question 8 The British ask for the bill in a restaurant at the end of the meal. What do Americans ask for? a) the check b) the receipt c) the script

Слайд 10

Question 9 In British English, it’s called ‘a mobile’, what is it called in the US? a) a handy b) a cell phone c) a portable phone

Слайд 11

Question 10 Which word is used more in American English than in British English? a) mom b) mum c) mummy

Слайд 12

Question 11 What is the capital of Australia? a) Sydney b) Canberra c) Melbourne

Слайд 13

Question 12 What is the capital city of New Zealand? a) Sydney b) Oakland c) Wellington

Слайд 14

Question 13 In Cockney ,’I don’t Adam and Eve you’ means a) I don’t love you b) I don’t understand you c) I don’t believe you

Слайд 15

Question 14 Which of these ‘drink’ words was borrowed from Arabic? a) wine b) juice c) alcohol

Слайд 16

Question 15 What language is the word’ sauna’ from? a) Swedish b) Dutch c) Finnish

Слайд 17

Question 16 Which famous fast food came from Germany ? a) pizza b) hamburger c) sandwich

Слайд 18

Question 17 What language is the word ‘robot’ from? a) Czech b) Polish c) Hungarian

Слайд 19

Question 18 What country are ‘hara-kiri’, ‘kimono’, and’ karate’ from? a) China b) Japan c) Spain

Слайд 20

Question 19 Which of the following English words are not French borrowings? (заимствования) a) table, wardrobe, chair b) army, battle, peace c) father, king, pig

Слайд 21

Question 20 What country are the words ’opera’, ’soprano’ ,concerto’, and’ piano’ from? a) Italy b) Spain c) Portugal

Слайд 22

Question 21 How many new words are added to the English vocabulary each year? a) about 50 b) about 300 c) about 500

Слайд 23

Question 22 Where do the majority of computer terms come from? a) the UK b) the USA c) Australia Web PC video e-mail on-screen chat

Слайд 24

Question 23 Which word is most frequently used in conversation? a) ‘yes’ b) ’no’ c) ‘I’ ‘yes’ ’no’ ‘I’

Слайд 25

Question 24 Which words are most frequently used in written English? a) boy, girl, love b) money, business, bank c) a, the, and

Слайд 26

Question 25 What do the British say before the meal? a) Bon appetite! b) Bless you! c) Nothing

Слайд 27

Question 26 What is the correct question tag in this polite request?’ Open the window, __you ? a) will b) do c) please

Слайд 28

Question 27 If someone says ‘Cheerio’ ,what do they mean? a) Goodbye b) Hello c) Thank you

Слайд 29

Question 28 What should you say if someone sneezes(чихает)? a) How is it going? b) Bless you! c) Can I help you?

Слайд 30

Question 29 What would you say if you wanted to sit down in a busy place? a) Excuse me, is this seat busy? b) Let me take this seat, please. c) Excuse me, is this seat taken?

Слайд 31

Question 30 What is a polite response to ‘Thank you very much’ ? a) Of course! b) The same to you! c) You’re welcome!

Слайд 32

Question 31 What do you say in a shop if you only want to look and not buy? a) I’m just browsing. b) I’m just viewing. c) I’m just shoplifting.

Слайд 33

Question 32 To tell someone who you are on the phone, which of the following the most natural? a) It’s Tom b) I’m Tom c) Tom speaking

Слайд 34

Question 33 The sentence ’ Madam, I’m Adam” is spelled the same from left to right and from right to left. It is… a) an anagram b) a palindrome c) a puzzle

Слайд 35

Слайд 36

Keys a) b) c)

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