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Презентація на тему:
English in our Life

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English in our Life

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Слайд 1

English in our Life

Слайд 2

We are the students of the 8th form. We have been learning English for 8 years and we enjoy it very much.

Слайд 3

We study English at school, have extra classes, travel and try to do our best to know English better. You may ask how exactly we can do that. So, we think that English is around us.

Слайд 4

We listen to the music, but not only listen, we sing the songs. We are allowed to bring our favorite songs to school and we sing them together.

Слайд 5

We read books. We like reading for fun and for knowledge. Every day, no matter how busy we are, we try to read not less than 3 pages in English from the book we like best. And at the end of the term we discuss books at school.

Слайд 6

We like to watch cartoons and films in English. At first it was rather difficult but now we cant imagine our favorite characters speaking Russian

Слайд 7

When we go to public places we pay our attention to the newspapers in English, that we can find lying on the special shelves in the cafes, restaurants or shops. It is very interesting to look through headings and read the most interesting articles. We also try to communicate with tourists coming to our wonderful city.

Слайд 8

Boys from our class are fond of Football which is the national English game.

Слайд 9

We like to act on the stage and we often prepare performances in English and take part in the annual English School Week which is usually held in February. We make school newspapers, hold parties and make competitions.

Слайд 10

Some of us went to International Language Camps in England and Finland and we also have English speaking pen friends

Слайд 11

We believe that English is our future. It helps us understand people from other countries. Sometimes it helps us to understand Russian better, because there are a lot of international words in it.

Слайд 12

English opens the doors leading to new interesting things, new opportunities and great success.

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