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Education in Australia

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Education in Australia

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Слайд 1

  Education in Australia Melihova Valeria 11-A

Слайд 2

In Australia, teaching in primary and secondary schools is mandatory for all children aged 6 to 15 years. The Government of each State shall establish a system of public education , which is itself a significant link budget expenditures . This system provides education for a modest annual fee. There are also many non- fee schools , some of which belong to religious communities . There are both elite schools that charge a large fee for training and more democratic ( for example, many Catholic) schools.

Слайд 3

As of August 1996, Australia was registered 9.6 thousand schools , including 74 % of public and 26% private. Among the latter , there were 67% and 5% of Catholic Anglican schools. The total number of pupils in primary and secondary schools exceeded 3.1 million , of which 71% in public and 29% of private schools. After high school have the opportunity to receive university or vocational education. There are 35 public universities (of which some have been converted into universities until the late 1980s ) and three private universities (also relatively new). Public universities are funded by the federal government in accordance with recognized scientific profile .

Слайд 4

Public universities are divided into three groups. The first of these include universities that were established long ago and have a clear scientific orientation : Sydney (founded in 1850), Melbourne (1853), Adelaide (1874 ), Tasmanian (1890 ) in Hobart , Queensland (1909 ) in Brisbane and West -Australian (1911) in Perth.

Слайд 5

University of Sydney (founded in 1850)

Слайд 6

University of Melbourne (1853)

Слайд 7

University of Adelaide (1874 )

Слайд 8

University of Tasmanian (1890 )

Слайд 9

University of Queensland (1909 )

Слайд 10

 The second group includes universities established in the postwar period, but powerful scientific basis, paying great attention to training teachers. This is the Australian National University in Canberra (founded in 1946, with an autonomous Institute of Research ), University of New South Wales in Sydney ( 1949), University of New England in Armidale (1954), Macquarie University, Sydney (1964), Monash University (1961) and La Trobe (1967) of Melbourne, University of Newcastle (1965), Flinders University in Adelaide (1966), James Cook University in Townsville (1970), University Hriffyta in Brisbane (1975), Murdoch University in Perth (1975 ) Vullonhonzi University (1975 ) and Deakin University in Dzhilonzi (1974).

Слайд 11

Australian National University in Canberra (founded in 1946 )

Слайд 12

University of New South Wales in Sydney ( 1949)

Слайд 13

Macquarie University, Sydney (1964)

Слайд 14

Monash University (1961)

Слайд 15

University La Trobe (1967) of Melbourne

Слайд 16

University of Newcastle (1965)

Слайд 17

James Cook University in Townsville (1970)

Слайд 18

 The third group includes universities, organized in recent years, some have been converted from the teachers' colleges , technical institutes and others. In this group includes the Sydney University of Technology (1988), University of Western Sydney (1989), Southern Cross University (1994) and Charles Sturt University (1989 ), Victoria - University at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology ( 1992), Balaratskyy University (1994 ) in Queensland - Queensland University of Technology (1989) , West Kvynslendskyy University ( 1991) and Central Kvynslendskyy University (1994 ) in Western Australia - Edita Kauan University (1985) and Curtin University of Technology (1986 ) in the Australian Capital Territory - Kanberskyy University ( 1990).

Слайд 19

Sydney University of Technology (1988)

Слайд 20

Victoria - University at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Слайд 21

Curtin University of Technology

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