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Еcological problems

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Еcological problems

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Слайд 1

«We have a responsibility to life, to defend it everywhere, not only against our own sins (грехи), but also against those of others. We are all passengers together in this same fragile and glorious world.» Arthur Hertzberg (1921 – 2006)

Слайд 2

When God created the first man he led him round all the trees of the Garden of Eden and said to him: look at my works, how beautiful they are! Take care that you do not corrupt and destroy my universe, for if you destroy it no one will repair it after you!

Слайд 3

Слайд 4

pollution Ecological problems litter/rubbish global warming overpopulation habitats ozone layer

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Слайд 6

Слайд 7

Слайд 8

Слайд 9

Слайд 10

Reduce Reuse Recycle 3 R’s

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