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The problems of provision of employment (працевлаштування)

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The problems of provision of employment (працевлаштування)

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The problems of provision of employment (працевлаштування)

Слайд 2

Every fourth scientist, who graduated post – graduate course in Ukraine, leave for abroad. In a such way, Ukraine lost many specialists, especially technicians and this is the greatest problem of our country. The information Department of Supreme Rada informs about the conference ’’Round Table’’, where the new editing of law ’’About higher education’’ was discussed. The people’s deputies of Ukraine and the heads of higher educational establishments in Sumy, Chernigiv, Cherkasy took part in it. The members of this conference notes that the main priority of the new editing of low is improving the legal secure of higher educational with the aim secure the successful integration process of Ukraine into world and European educational sphere. Besides the members of the conference discussed the question of external independence test after the graduating secondary schools. To their mind it is the most radical reform in the history of educational system of Ukraine.

Слайд 3

The highest salary were payed to programmers, engineers and system manager(800 – 1000). According to the questionnaire of the press – serve of company ’’Forsaзh’’ – the graduaters of higher educational establishments, and young specialists, as usual, wont to study and practise abroad, but they want to make a career in Ukraine. The more so, the good prospects of grows are opened before this category of people. They say that the active stream of specialist from Ukrainian regions to Kyiv became easier. People go abroad in a search of lovers played job.

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Слайд 5

Слайд 6

There is also the second migration working population, especially youth abroad to their, relatives, who lives there. According to the information of the international Centre of perspective research, the popular country, where Ukrainians migrate in a job hunting is Russia. From 1 to 1,5 mln Ukrainians are working in Russia. Mainly they work in building, trade and transport sphere. Poland took the second place. Every year 300 thousands Ukrainians go there to work in agriculture. 200 – 250 thousands people go to Italy to build. 250 thousands Ukrainian women go to Italy to look after children and aged people. Nearly 100 thousands Ukrainians work in Portugal, Creece. Canada is the most attractive country for immigrants. Canadian citizenship is highly estimated by all over the world. Canada accept immigrants actively and give nearly 250 thousands immigrations visas to people according to their business and professional qualities.

Слайд 7

Слайд 8

Слайд 9

According to the social questionnaire Most Ukrainian youth migrate abroad in a job hunting. So, during the last 3 years 19 % Ukrainian youth were beyond Ukraine. 29 of them went abroad in a job hunting. A half of them worked in Russian, 7% - in Italy, 5% - in Spain, 4 % - in Greece. Almost half of them worked in building, every fifth – in agriculture, every tenth – in trade. Only 11% youth worked according their occupation in other country. 10% youth worked in house holding, 8% - looked for children and the ageol. 2% - worked in entertainment. Nowadays the Ukrainian government has a serious task – help our youth to find work in Ukraine with the worthy salary.

Слайд 10

Слайд 11

11% youth worked according their occupation in other country. 10% youth worked in house holding. 8%looked for children and the aged. 2% -- worked in entertainment.

Слайд 12

Слайд 13

Ukrainian government doesn't see anything good in migration Ukrainian youth in a job hunting. At first, the able – bodied youth leave the country and it makes demography worse. Every year 40 thousands of Ukrainians leave for abroad in a job hunting. According to the information of the Institute of demography and social research, 1,3 mln Ukrainians constantly are beyond Ukraine.

Слайд 14

Слайд 15

Conclusion: People leave Ukraine in a job hunting because: The level of economy of Ukraine is not so high as in European countries. The lowest salary in Europe. The problem of accommodation a young specialist. The oldest technologies on the plants and factories. We think if all these problems will be solve by our government our working youth will not go abroad in a job hunting.

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