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Слайд 1


Слайд 2

What was the weather like when Macbeth met three witches ?

Слайд 3

It was a dark,stormy night .There were thunders and lightnings.

Слайд 4

How did Macbeth change the course of the battle ?

Слайд 5

He defeated the enemy.

Слайд 6

Who is the most disloyal traitor? Macdonwald rebelled against The King.

Слайд 7

Who says:” What he has lost ,noble Macbeth has won ? “ What does ‘he’ stand for ? King Duncan Captain Thane of Cawdor Thane of Ross How does ‘he’ lose what he has?What is done to him ?

Слайд 8

The battle was between ______and ______? Norway Scotland

Слайд 9

ACT 1 SCENE 3 What were the three witches doing when Macbeth and Banquo entered the scene ? They were talking and doing magic.They exchange boasts about their evil deeds.

Слайд 10

How does Bonquo feel about the witches when he saw them ? He has doubts first but then he comforts his friend. What is the reaction of Macbeth ? He has doubts,too.He didn’t believe the witches at first.

Слайд 11

Curiosity kills the cat ! How can we adapt this line to the time of Macbeth ? He wondered about if the prophesy will come true.

Слайд 12

WHO SAYS: Were they really here? Or did we imagine it?Have gone mad? Bonquo

Слайд 13

What was the first prophecy came true? The title of The Thane of Cawdor is given to Macbeth ,which is foreseen by the witches.

Слайд 14

What do you think of the sentence below? If it really is my fate to be king , then it may happen without any work from me . Page 18 : Macbeth

Слайд 15

Act One Scene four Who says : “You can not tell what’s in a man’s mind by looking at his face .I really trusted him.” King Duncan

Слайд 16

What did Duncan tell that made Macbeth angry ? The King makes his eldest son ,Malcolm heir to the throne.

Слайд 17

What are the feelings of Macbeth now? worried ambitious suspicious

Слайд 18

What is Macbeth’s letter about?

Слайд 19

What is Lady Macbeth’s opinion about her husband ?Find out the correct line from page 20 and discuss.

Слайд 20

Who says: “Your letter’s taken me beyond the immediate present and even now I can feel the future.” Lady Macbeth

Слайд 21

Lady Macbeth:Oh tomorrow will never come for him !Fear nothing leave everything to me . Macbeth : We will discuss this later

Слайд 22

“But your face, my Thane , is like an open book where people can read what’s in your heart.You’ll have to lighten up to mislead them.”

Слайд 23

What kind of a person is Lady Macbeth? She is more ambitious. More ruthless than his husband Stronger than him Manipulative

Слайд 24


Слайд 25

What kind of a hostess Lady Macbeth was?Discuss.(page 23-24) The King calls her ‘our honourable hostess. She seems hospitable. She greets The King ,his sons and the noblemen with a warm welcome.

Слайд 26

Act 1 Scene 7 Why does Macbeth have doubts about killing duncan? He foresees some of the consequences of the murder: that he would be unable to rest easy. He is particularly worried about the punishment he will receive in the afterlife. He also hesitates because he thinks the King is a good man.

Слайд 27

What are Macbeth's arguments against killing Duncan? Macbeth killed King Duncan for many reasons. One of the reasons Macbeth kills Duncan is because three witches tell him a prophecy that he would become the next Thane of Cawdor and eventually become king. After the witches' prophecy comes true about Macbeth becoming the thane of Cawdor, he is tempted by wicked thoughts to murder King Duncan and fulfill his ambitions become the next king of Scotland. The second reason is that Macbeth is driven by Lady Macbeth to become the next king of Scotland. Once Lady Macbeth finds out the three witches Prophecy in a letter about Macbeth becoming the next king of Scotland, She becomes lustful for the power and position to become the next queen. She urges him to kill Duncan so that he could retain the title of kingship and she constantly encourages Macbeth to kill Duncan and tells him that it is not a really big deal.

Слайд 28

Study page 27-28 carefully ! What is the dialogue between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth about ?

Слайд 29

Talk about the ambition in ACT 1 ? Lady Macbeth’s Macbeth’s

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