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Catalan traditions

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Catalan traditions

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Typical food in Catalunya Here at the Christmas day we eat soup with “Galets” (a very big pasta) duck , and for dessert we eat “torrons & polvorons” typical sweet in Catalunya “galets” “Torrons” “polvorons” Christmas Duck

Слайд 3

Typical Christmas traditions Here in Catalunya old people put a trunk with a face and a “barretina” (typical Catalan hat) this trunk is a “tió”. Children feed him with: mandarin, nuts, cereal & bread. On 25th of December we put the “tió” in the dining room and we beat him with a stick. Boys and girls sing a song. And parents put presents under the blanket and children open them. “Tió” “barretina”

Слайд 4

END OF THE YEAR On the end of the year (January 31st at 12 o’clock at night) when the church bells sting 12 time, we eat 12 grapes: 1st sting = 1st grape, 2nd sting= 2nd grape...

Слайд 5

THREE WISE MEAN The Three Wise are the “Reis Mags” There are three and they are magic because on January 5th, at night, they carry presents for the family. In every town or city there are parades: the Three Wise Men have come in big carriages, they throw sweets for children (and adults!). Then children go to sleep early.

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