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Презентація на тему:
Marrige Customs and Traditions

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Marrige Customs and Traditions

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Слайд 2

Слайд 3

Мета: формувати уміння та навички усного мовлення, вiдпрацьовувати в мовi учнiв вживання лексичних одиниць теми “Шлюбнi звичаї традиції”, практикувати учнiв у прослуховуванні тексту з метою максимально повного i точного розуміння всієї інформації, що в ньому мiститься , розширювати фiлологiчний кругозір учнiв, поглиблювати знання учнів про культуру та традиції Англії, розвивати логічне мислення , уяву, мовленнєву реакцію, готовність вступати в англомовне спілкування, вміння працювати в різних режимах навчання та контролю, виховувати культуру спілкування, повагу до культури та традицій країни, мова якої вивчається.

Слайд 4

Слайд 5

Обладнання: дидактичний матеріал ( картки з індивідуальними завданнями), персональні комп’ютери, комп’ютерні програми, мультимедійна презентація з теми ”Шлюбні звичаї та традиції”, фрагмент з кінофільма “A Walk to Remember”, звукозапис тексту “Royal Wedding”,звукозапис пісні “Could I Have This Kiss Forever”

Слайд 6

1.Повідомлення теми та мети

Слайд 7

Christening The first school day Marriage The beginning of the career

Слайд 8

Marriage Customs and Traditions

Слайд 9

2. Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу

Слайд 10

Слайд 11

Слайд 12

Слайд 13

Слайд 14

3. Активізація лексичних одиниць теми Група А виконує завдання за комп’ютерами Група В виконує завдання на картках Група С працює з вчителем та мультимедійною дошкою

Слайд 15

Card 1 1. Match the words to the definitions. 1) marriage a) an act of admitting that you have done something bad or wrong 2) engagement b) approval or support 3) confession c) the state of being husband and wife 4) proposal d) an agreement to get married 5) blessing e) a married ceremony and often the reception 6) wedding f) an act of formally asking somebody to marry you 2. Derive a verb from a noun. Example: marriage - to marry proposal - engagement - confession - blessing – 3 Complete the following sentences with the nouns from the box. marriage blessing wedding proposal engagement 1) Ann and Tom got married without their parents … 2) His parents celebrated their tenth … anniversary last week. 3) Tony was stunned when Lisa suddenly broke off their … 4) They are getting divorced after five years of … 5) She politely declined his … of marriage.

Слайд 16

To have a romantic relationship with someone a) fall in love b) to fancy c) to date d) to fall out of love

Слайд 17

To touch someone with your lips as a greeting or to show them love. a) to embrace b) to kiss c) to smile d) to bite

Слайд 18

To agree to get married a) to get engaged c) to get ill b) to get divorced d) to get acquainted

Слайд 19

To ask God to protect someone or something a) to permit b) to beg c) to bless d) to expect

Слайд 20

To tell a priest or God about the wrong things you have done so that you can be forgiven. a) to pardon c) to predict b) to blame d) to confess

Слайд 21

To ask somebody to marry you a) to propose to b) to offer c) to recommend d) to suggest

Слайд 22

To take somebody as your husband or wife a) to get involved c) to get even b) to get married d) to get started

Слайд 23

To go on a holiday that is taken by two people who have just got married a) to go on a tour b) to go on an excursion c) to go on a honeymoon d) to go on a visit

Слайд 24

To go somewhere with someone a) to control b) to accompany c) to protect d) to follow

Слайд 25

a) to date b) to go on a honeymoon c) to bless d) to get married e) to fall in love f) to confess g) to propose to h) to get engaged i) to get acquainted

Слайд 26

1) i to get acquainted 2) e to fall in love 3) a to date 4) g to propose to 5) h to get engaged 6) f to confess 7) c to bless 8) d to get married 9) b to go on a honeymoon

Слайд 27

Bride Bridegroom a bouquet 2) a formal suit 3) a wedding gown 4) a tie 5) a veil

Слайд 28

Bride Bridegroom a bouquet a wedding gown a veil a formal suit a tie

Слайд 29

4.Практикування учнів у читанні тематичних текстів

Слайд 30

a clergyman – a person who performs religious ceremonies a matchmaker – someone who tries to find a suitable partner to someone else to marry a rite – a ceremony an aisle- a passage between the rows of the seats in a church, theatre a commissioner- the head of a government department

Слайд 31

Love and Marriage Marriage customs vary 1(considerable) from culture to culture. But at the same time there are common features in wedding traditions observed in many countries of the world. If a couple decides to get married, the two become engaged and the bride-to-be often receives a ring from her fiancé. 2(Permit) from the parents used to be necessary; today it is a courtesy to tell the parents first and ask for their 3( bless) or good wishes. 4(Engage) vary in length depending on the circumstances and the couple’s 5(prefer). Weddings also vary in style 6(depend) on the ethnic traditions of the bride and groom. The bride usually wears a white gown (a sign of purity) with a veil. It is considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony on the day of wedding. The groom often wears a formal suit. In many countries 7( tradition) weddings take place in a church. The groom waits at the altar with the best man. Brides-maids walk up the aisle followed by the bride, who is accompanied by her father. A clergyman performs the ceremony. In Britain he usually slips a wedding-ring on the bride’s ring-finger. This ring she wears for the rest of her life. The reception after the ceremony is usually a dinner followed by an evening of 8(dance). While the guests are seated for the meal, there are speeches and wishes. The bride and groom are expected to stand up and kiss each other. In Britain, when the ceremony is over, the happy newly-married couple and their guests go back to the house, where the lady has been living, to the wedding- breakfast. A highly-decorated “wedding-cake” is usually served, and after the guests have drunk the bride’s and bridegroom’s health’s, the couple takes leave and depart on their honey-moon or to their new home. Many people in all the countries prefer civil ceremonies. A civil ceremony is a legal rather than a 9 (religion) rite. Judges or marriage commissioners perform civil wedding ceremonies, and two witnesses are required. Marriages come under 10(province) jurisdictions. 1 _________________________________________ 2 _________________________________________ 3 _________________________________________ 4 _________________________________________ 5 _________________________________________ 6__________________________________________ 7__________________________________________ 8 _________________________________________ 9 _________________________________________ 10 ________________________________________

Слайд 32

Key : 1. Considerably 2. Permission 3. Blessing 4. Engagement 5. Preference 6. Depending 7. Traditional 8. Dancing 9. Religious 10. Provincial

Слайд 33

UKRAINIAN WEDDING A wedding is a ceremony of marriage with accompanying festivities, which depends 1… the locality. In old times in Ukraine there 2… cases when a girl offered herself to a young Cossack as a wife. When it happened it was a great sin to turn away the girl with her match makers out the house. In Ukraine a girl of good name was 3… respected. She 4 … save the life of a sentenced to death Cossack just by saying:”He will marry me. Let him go!” Wedding parties were celebrated in different ways. In some places the wedding loaf was round, in other places - square. At some wedding parties the bride was “stolen”and merry – making was going on for a week or two. In old times if a young man proposed to a girl, the girl 5… gave consent or presented him with a “harbuz” /pumpkin/, which has medical property to calm the nervous system. The pretender had no right to drop the pumpkin 6… ; 7… in the village had to see that the girl refused to get married him. 8… a sign of consent the girl tied the matchmakers up with “rushnyks” /wedding towels/ and put a kerchief behind the young man’s belt. The two families gathered on a certain day. The parents, the future family and four match makers sat down at the table and relatives made arrangements. On Friday, the parents of the bride and the bridegroom invite the round loaf bakers, the women 9… are respected by the community for their exemplary family life. It is well known that 10… the people who are happy in their family life can give peace and consent for the young pair by means of the fresh baked bread. 1 a) from b) on c) with d ) in 2 a) was b) is c) were d) are 3 a) highly b) high c) more d) taller 4 a) had b) must c) should d) could 5 a) neither b) or c) either d) – 6 a) somewhere b)anywhere c)everywhere d) nowhere 7 a) everyone b) someone c) somebody d) anybody 8 a) like b) to c)as d) for 9 a) which b) who c)what d) when 10 a) even b)just c) only d) already

Слайд 34

Post-reading activities. Група А працює самостійно (складає діалоги з опорою на картки) Група В працює з вчителем (ділова гра “Репортер” ) Група С виконує тестове завдання за комп’ютерами.

Слайд 35

Card A -It is my first visit to Ukraine. I have just seen a bride and a bridegroom in the street. The bride was wearing a white wedding gown and a veil. It seems to me that Ukrainian wedding traditions have much in common with English ones. -Oh, you are right. But we also try to keep our own traditions as well.

Слайд 36

Card B. -I have just seen an English film. The film was great. Two young people were dating for some time and at the end of the film they got married. -Oh, did they show the wedding in church?

Слайд 37

Card C -May I ask you a few questions? I was reading something in class. I want to discuss. -Okay. Go ahead. - Are people in Ukraine still getting married or do they prefer to live together without getting married?

Слайд 38

Група А працює в парах (розігрування діалогів) Група В виконує тестове завдання за комп’ютерами. Група С виконує завдання на картках.

Слайд 39

You know, Martha got married to her childhood friend, Alex. Though her parents were against their daughter marrying young. 1-………………………….. - In July 2-…………………………… - Yes, I was. 3-………………………………. - Sarah and Lucy were. 4-………………………………. - Alex’s best friend did. Martha looked wonderful. She had a long white dress and a white veil on. By tradition she also wore “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” 5-…………………………………… -They celebrated their wedding at the Moonlight Hotel. The party was a great success. 6-……………………………… -In Spain. I think, they are a perfect match. a) Who were the bridesmaids? b) You were present at their wedding, weren’t you? c) Where did they spend their honeymoon? d) And who took part of the best man? e) When did they get married? f) Where did they have their reception? Card 2 Read and complete the dialogue with the sentences from a) to f). Key: 1)e; 2) b; 3) a; 4) d; 5) f; 6) c .

Слайд 40

5. Аудіювання тексту

Слайд 41

Слайд 42

Test 1.The 29th of July was a great day for England because… . it was a day off it was the wedding of the future king of Britain it was the hottest day in the history of the country many important people from all over the world came to London 2.Nobody worked on this day because people were ... . in St. Paul’s Cathedral watching TV doing sports listening to music 3.Charles put the ring on Diana’s finger that ... . was bought in Wales was inherited from one generation to another was presented by the Royal Family to a new princess was made of gold presented to the Royal Family half a century ago. 4. After the wedding Charles and Diana … . went on their honey-moon travelled around the world lived in Wales stayed with Queen Elizabeth 5. According to the text the people of England tried to get things with Diana’s picture on them because they a) wanted to make profit of them later; b) wanted to have some memories of Royal wedding. c) have a habit of buying things with Royal family’s pictures. d) wanted to spend money on buying something useful and pleasant.

Слайд 43

6. Перегляд епізодy з фільмa

Слайд 44

1.Love is always___________ 2.Love is never______________ 3.Love does not take_________ 4.Love takes not__________ 5.Love delights in_________

Слайд 45

7.Прослуховування пісні та виконання завдання

Слайд 46

Over and over I look in your eyes You were all I desire You have captured me. I want to hold you I want to be close to you I never want to let go I wish that this night will never end I mean to know Could I hold you for a lifetime Could I hold close beside me Could I look into your eyes Could I have this night to share This night together Could I hold you for all time? Could I have this kiss forever

Слайд 47

8.Домашнє завдання

Слайд 48

Homework Group A: Make a report about marriage customs and traditions of Ukraine and English speaking countries. What do they have in common? What is different? What customs do you like? What customs seem strange to you? Group B: You have to introduce, in short, some interesting custom from any country of the world. Make up questions to find out how much your friends know about it. Group C: Make up questions to ask on the topic “Marriage Customs and Traditions”. Be ready to ask these questions to your classmates.

Слайд 49

9.Підведення підсумків

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