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Презентація на тему:
"Charlie and the chocolate factory "

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"Charlie and the chocolate factory "

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Charlie and the Chocolate factory Review Quiz

Слайд 2

What did Charlie love more than anything? Chocolate

Слайд 3

What was special about the Sunday meal? Everyone got seconds

Слайд 4

What smell did Charlie love to smell on his way to school? The smell of Chocolate

Слайд 5

What gift did Charlie receive every year for his birthday? A Wonka candy bar

Слайд 6

What did the grandparents do every night? They told Charlie about all the wonderful sweets that Willy Wonka made.

Слайд 7

Why did Mr. Wonka close his factory? Spies were stealing his secret recipes

Слайд 8

6 How many grown ups live with Charlie?

Слайд 9

Who is Willy Wonka? Owner of the Chocolate factory

Слайд 10

Who was Prince Pondicherry? The prince who asked Willy Wonka to build him a palace made of chocolate

Слайд 11

How did Charlie learn about the Golden ticket? From his father’s newspaper

Слайд 12

What prize would each golden ticket winner receive? Enough chocolate and candy to last a lifetime

Слайд 13

What happened to Prince Pondicherry’s castle of chocolate? It melted in the sun

Слайд 14

What was Augustus Gloop’s hobby? Eating

Слайд 15

What does “pulling my leg” mean? Are you joking? Are you lying?

Слайд 16

Where would you go if you won a golden ticket? Inside Wonka’s Factory

Слайд 17

Who was the first winner of the golden ticket? Augustus Gloop

Слайд 18

How did Veruca Salt win her golden ticket? Her dad bought a million candy bars and had his workers open them.

Слайд 19

Describe Veruca Salt She was rich and spoiled

Слайд 20

What did Charlie find in his birthday candy bar? Nothing

Слайд 21

Mr Bucket worked in a… Toothpaste Factory

Слайд 22

What was the name of the Chocolate factory? Wonka’s Factory

Слайд 23

How long did Violet chew the same piece of gum? 3 months

Слайд 24

Who found the third golden ticket? Violet Beauregarde

Слайд 25

What kind of candy did Charlie receive ? Wonka’s whipple-scrumptious fudge mellow delight

Слайд 26

What did Mike Teave like to do? Watch T.V

Слайд 27

Charlie’s grandparent’s thought that the winners of the golden tickets were… Brats

Слайд 28

What did grandpa Joe sneak and do? He sneaks out to buy a candy bar

Слайд 29

When does Mike Teave find the fourth Golden Ticket? After Charlie’s birthday

Слайд 30

How many children can visit Willy Wonka’s factory? 5

Слайд 31

Who were the first two winners of the golden tickets? Augustus Gloop and Veruca Salt

Слайд 32

How many beds were in the Bucket’s house? One

Слайд 33

What was the incredible invention did Willy Wonka make? Ice-cream that won’t melt

Слайд 34

What did Mr. Bucket do after losing his job to earn extra money? He shoveled snow

Слайд 35

What did Charlie find when he was walking home from school? A dollar bill

Слайд 36

Who found the last golden ticket? Charlie

Слайд 37

How many candy bars did Charlie look inside while trying to find a golden ticket? 4

Слайд 38

What did the lady in the store try to do when Charlie found the ticket? She tried to buy the ticket for $500

Слайд 39

What did the store keeper tell Charlie to do? Run straight home

Слайд 40

What would each person who held the golden ticket go home with? Truckloads of Candy

Слайд 41

When did Charlie find the golden ticket? The day before the tour

Слайд 42

Who would go with Charlie to the chocolate factory? Grandpa Joe

Слайд 43

How much does a Wonka’s Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight cost? 10 cents

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