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Charles John Huffam Dickens 1812-1870 The most popular novelist of the Victorian period Father briefly worked as a clerk in the Navy Pay Office Education : William Giles's School Wellington House Academy Mr. Dawson's school

Слайд 3

Had to work in a blakcing factory at the age of 12 On 2 April 1836 married Catherine Thomson Hogarth 10 children Died at Gad’s Hill Place in 1870 at the age of 58.

Слайд 4

Catherine Thomson Hogarth

Слайд 5

Career Warren's Blacking Warehouse Junior clerk at a law office (1827-1828) A freelance reporter 1833 first story A Dinner at Poplar Walk Election campaignes for the Morning Chronicle 1836 Sketches by Boz 1836 first novel The Pickwick Papers Contributed and edited journals

Слайд 6

Слайд 7

Dickens’s Works Realistic Unique characters Mastery of prose attacks on social evils injustice hypocrisy

Слайд 8

Examples of works Short story collections: Sketches by Boss The Mudfog Papers Short stories to Christmas numbers of magazines Houshold Words (1851-58) All the Year Round (1859-67) Travelogues: American Notes: For General Circulation Pictures from Italy

Слайд 9

Poetry: The Fine Old English Gentleman Plays The Village Coquettes The Frozen Deep NOVELS- “Oliver Twist”, “David Copperfield”, ”Hard Times”

Слайд 10

Oliver Twist

Слайд 11

A Note about the Author Charles Dickens is one of the greatest English writers. He was born on 7th of February in 1812 in Portsmouth. In 1833, Charles Dickens started writing stories. He became very famous and rich. Famous books by Charles Dickens are Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, Bleak House, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations and Our Mutual Friend. Charles Dickens wrote about poor children because, he was angry when he found out children, who were hungry and they were beaten. He died on 9th of June in 1870. Dickens is buried in London.

Слайд 12

Protagonists( main characters) Oliver- kind, helpful, poor orphan, who was born in a workhouse and then he lived by Fagin, but he did not know that he lived with thieves. When he had to steal, he was caught. He had to make evil, but he always made only the good. Mr. Brownlow- an old gentleman, who took Oliver in his house, he was very kind, he bought Oliver new clothes, he was friend of Monks father, but nobody knew it, in the end of story Oliver became his son. Fagin- very evil old man. He was leader of gang. Boys in the gang stole in the streets and they had to all give to Fagin. He fought the boys and he was very strict. In the end of story he died. Nancy and Bill Sikes- stole Oliver from Mr. Brownlow back to Fagin. Nancy was kind girl, she helped Oliver more time, but she was a girlfriend of Sikes and she was afraid of him. Bill Sikes was a thief, he was a good friend of Fagin. In the end of story he killed Nancy and he commit suicide. Rose Maylie- rich, kind girl, she took shoted Oliver in her house, when Fagin and Bill wanted steal this house, she helped Oliver to find Mr. Brownlow. Monks- cruel. He was Oliver’s stepbrother, Oliver’s father was also father of Monks. He wanted property ,which their father remained to Oliver. In the end he died in prison.

Слайд 13

Summary In some town in England, there was a house for poor people. This place was called workhouse. Oliver Twist was born here. His mother died a short while after. When he was nine, he must go out of workhouse. Then he was sold as an apprentice. Oliver was afraid because, his master-Mr Bumble wanted kill him. So he ran to the London. When he was totally tired and he didn’t know, where to go, he met a boy, who called the Artful Dodger. The Dodger brought Oliver to gang, in which were thieves. The leader of gang called Fagin. One day, when the boys went to the town, Oliver went ,too. They stole and Oliver was caught. The old man caught Oliver. He called Mr. Brownlow, he was very kind, so let Oliver to stay in his house. Oliver was very happy. When Oliver went to the town, Nancy and Sikes caught him and pulled into Fagin’s house. After one week, Fagin and Sikes devised a great robbery and they wanted to use Oliver. But during this robbery began dog growl and Oliver was shoted and Sikes let Oliver there. The lady, who was living here, took care of Oliver. One day, some old man called Monks, went to the workhouse and he interested in an Oliver’s mother. He wanted to make of Oliver as thief and all property of their father let for himself. He went to the London to Fagin. Monks told everything to him. Nancy heard their dialog and told Rose about that. When Sikes heard it, he was shocked and he killed her. Then Sikes escape and in the end he commit suicide. Fagin was also dead, when he was in prison. In the end Oliver found out truth about his family. His father had to marry an older woman and with her he had the son- Monks. But they were not happy together, so Oliver’s father found another woman. She was pregnant but Oliver’s father had to go to Italy, where he died. But he was quiet rich and he remained his property to Oliver. Monks died in prison and Oliver became Mr. Brownlow’s son.

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