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Canadian Culture

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Canadian Culture

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Слайд 1

Canadian Culture (A Quick Look)

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Слайд 3

Background Information (1) Canada's culture - influenced by European culture and traditions, especially British and French A country composed mainly of immigrants Themes and Symbols: pioneers, trappers, and traders Official symbols – maple leaf, beaver, and the Canadian horse Jacques Viger (first mayor of Montreal): "the king of our forest; ... the symbol of the Canadian people." Louis XIV: sent horses to Canada (late 17th century) in connection with images of red-coated Mounties

Слайд 4

Background Information (2) Ethnic groups: Anglophone 28%, Francophone 23%, other European 15%, Asian/Arab/African 6%, indigenous Amerindian 2%, mixed background 26% Languages: English, French "Canada" comes from the Huron and Iroquois word "Kanata" meaning "village"

Слайд 5

Quick Facts Canada's birthday is on the first of July (1867) Canada is the second largest country in the world (9,971,000 square kilometres of land) there are six time zones Canada is in the top five producers of natural gas, copper, zinc, nickel, aluminum, and gold Canada has the fourth lowest population density in the world with only three people per square kilometer Motto - "From sea to sea" Hockey is the national sport of Canada

Слайд 6

Territories and Provinces Provinces (10) - Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan Territories (3) - Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon A province receives relatively greater power and authority directly from the Crown, whereas territories derive their mandates from the federal government

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Слайд 8

10 Provinces

Слайд 9

Alberta Alberta was named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta of Britain Capital city – Edmonton Alberta's motto - "strong and free" It is known as Canada's "energy province" Immigrants - Britain, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the East and Southeast Asia It is the main producer of coal, oil and natural gas in Canada

Слайд 10

British Columbia Capital city – Victoria on Vancouver Island Motto - "Splendour without diminishment" Immigrants - from Britain, Western Europe, East and Southeast Asia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan B.C. has the largest Chinese community in Canada Largest industry - Forestry B.C. has the largest fishing industry in Canada

Слайд 11

Manitoba It is located in the center of Canada "Manitoba" - a Cree name meaning "the place where the spirit (manitou) speaks" Capital city – Winnipeg Motto-"Glorious and Free" Manitoba is home to many native peoples Immigrants - Britain, Europe, Europe, East and Southeast Asia Manitoba - the land of 100,000 lakes Important industry - Hydro-electric power

Слайд 12

New Brunswick Capital city – Fredericton It is the third-smallest province Motto - "Hope was restored" Many people are of French, British, Scottish and Irish origin N.B. - the main producer of lead, zinc, copper, and bismuth Main industry is forestry Paper, newspaper, magazines, tissue, wooden doors and windows Main crop - potatoes

Слайд 13

Newfoundland and Labrador Capital city - St. John's Motto - "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God" People live in small fishing villages near the coast Immigrants - Britain, Western Europe, East and Southeast Asian Nfld. is the main producer of iron ore Main exports - oil, fish products, newsprint, iron ore and electricity

Слайд 14

Novo Scotia Capital city - Halifax Halifax is an international seaport and transportation center "Nova Scotia" means "New Scotland" in Latin Motto: “One defends and the other conquers” Immigrants - Britain, Western Europe, and Southern Europe N.S. - Canada's oldest African-Canadian community Major industries - Coal mining and fishing/fish processing (now less)

Слайд 15

Ontario Capital city – Toronto Toronto has a large financial district and the stock exchange Ottawa - the capital of Canada is in southern Ontario The Iroquoians - Ontario = "Kanadario" = "sparkling water" Motto - "Loyal she began, loyal she remains“ Immigrants - Italian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Indian, Polish and Caribbean origin Niagara Falls Main producer - nickel, cobalt, salt, and magnesium Leading producer of fruit and vegetables

Слайд 16

Prince Edward Island It is the smallest province Capital city – Charlottetown The "birthplace of Canada" where leaders met in 1864 to discuss the formation of the country Named "Prince Edward" in honor of the father of Queen Victoria in 1799 Motto: "the small under the protection of the great" About 75 percent are of Scottish and Irish origin Red soil - made of red sandstone Largest industry – agriculture Second largest industry – tourism Third largest industry - fishing

Слайд 17

Quebec The largest province Capital city - Quebec City Quebec - a French-speaking province Algonquin - Quebec = "Kebe" = "the place where the river narrows“ Motto - "Je me souviens" = "I remember" Montreal - 67% mother tongue is French Immigrants - France, Britain, Southern Europe, and East and Southeast Asia Largest industry - dairy Main producer of maple syrup

Слайд 18

Saskatchewan Capital city – Regina Motto: "From many peoples strength“ Immigrants - Germany, Ukraine, Scandinavia, Poland, Russia, Britain, France Wheat crop - over 54 percent Leading exporter of potash ( fertilizer )

Слайд 19

3 Territories

Слайд 20

Northwest Territories Second-largest Population - Almost half are aboriginal (Dene, Inuvialuit and Metis) Capital city – Yellowknife Hunts and Traps - beaver, lynx, fox, marten, muskrat, polar bear Tourism - people come to see the wildlife and natural beauty

Слайд 21

Nunavut The largest territory and has one-fifth of the land in Canada Capital city – Iqaluit Canada's most northern capital Motto - Nunavut, our strength Nunavut means our land Population – 85% are the Inuit, the aborigines The land and water are frozen most of the year Tourism: People come to fish, hike, camp, hunt, to see the  wildlife

Слайд 22

Yukon The smallest territory Capital city – Whitehorse Yukon = Great River Mount Logan - the highest mountain in Canada (6000 m.) Tourism - People visit the Yukon to hike, raft, camp, rock climb, fish, see wildlife, and hunt The largest industry - mining (gold, lead, zinc and silver)

Слайд 23

Inventions and Discoveries Cirque du Soleil (Clip 1) Montréal: first home for circus arts education in Canada more than 25 years ago National Circus School at TOHU (La Cité des Arts du Cirque) Superman - created by Canadian Joe Shuster Chocolate bars - in 1910, Arthur Ganong and George Ensor, factory superintendents, wanted to take chocolate along with them on fishing trips so they created nut-bars Insulin - In 1923, Frederick Banting, a Canadian medical student was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering a successful method of extracting the hormone from the organ Basketball - invented by James Naismith in 1891, in the city of Montréal, Quebec

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