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Презентація на тему:
Butterfly Life Cycle

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Butterfly Life Cycle

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Butterfly Life Cycle

Слайд 2

This butterfly is laying eggs on parsley.

Слайд 3

Look! It is a parsley worm. …crunch…crunch…crunch…It’s yummy! …munch…munch…munch…It’s tasty! A larva, or a caterpillar, is multi-legged eating machine. It eats all day long. It crunches and munches.

Слайд 4

Caterpillar eats a lot of leaves. It becomes bigger and bigger, fatter and fatter. When the larva has eaten enough, it forms a chrysalis (or a pupa).

Слайд 5

This chrysalis is only one day old.

Слайд 6

And this chrysalis is already ten days old. But what is inside this pupa? A caterpillar? And how old is this chrysalis? No! It isn’t a caterpillar yet! It is already a …

Слайд 7

Look! A butterfly is emerging from a chrysalis. Look! It’s coming out!

Слайд 8

Oh! Poor thing! It’s so difficult! Look! The butterfly is still coming out.

Слайд 9

But a lot of butterflies die because they are not strong enough to come out! Oh, yes! It’s free! The butterfly is outside! It is lucky!

Слайд 10

It becomes stronger and stronger! Its wings become straight!

Слайд 11

Fly, please, fly! I want to see your flying! Now it is ready to fly! What a beautiful butterfly!

Слайд 12

The four stages in the lifecycle of a butterfly: An egg A larva, known as a caterpillar A pupa (or a chrysalis) An adult butterfly to lay eggs to become a … to turn into a … to eat to make a … to come out from a … to fly away

Слайд 13

- OK! Fly, my dear butterfly, fly! High, in the blue, blue sky! But please, say to me ‘Goodbye!’ - It's a little butterfly, Let it fly, let it fly, Fly away into the sky. Fly, little butterfly, fly, Fly into the blue sky. One, two, three – You are free. Butterfly, butterfly, Where do you fly, So quick and so high In the blue, blue sky? Lets read some poems about butterflies.

Слайд 14

Oh! What is there? Do you see it too? It is something yummy! No, no, no! You don’t see me!... It’s a mirage!... Believe me! I’m just a little twig! I’m not tasty!

Слайд 15

Now you know some interesting facts about butterflies! See you! Goodbye!

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