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Australian food

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Australian food

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Australian food

Слайд 2

A dish that you can feed the most fastidious child. In fact, it's a fun sandwich. Slices of white bread cut into triangles, spread butter and sprinkle with colored pills (which are used to decorate pastries). Fairy Bread

Слайд 3

Australian Salad Light salad, cooked ham, cucumbers, boiled celery and apples, Served with orange juice and mayonnaise.

Слайд 4

Bush Tucker The most Australian food - food of native aborigines, cooked over charcoal. In the course are kangaroo meat, crocodile or someone else and Australian fruit.

Слайд 5

Steak "marsupial" This dish made with kangaroo meat, but sometimes use a usual beef. Mushrooms fried with spices, notched so as to obtain the pocket, season mushrooms and sewn or chop shpashkami, then baked.

Слайд 6

Vegemite Australian "adjika" which can be spread on bread or eat as a separate dish. On the palate, "adjika" - an amateur. Since this is a "yeast extract", which is mixed with onion, celery and salt.

Слайд 7

Lamington  Biscuits covered with chocolate chips and coconut

Слайд 8

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