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Слайд 1

Great Patriotic War Выполнила: Соловьева Ж.В. МОУ ОГ № 25 Архангельск 2010

Слайд 2

22d of June. The German fascists attacked the SU –  our country. The Great Patriotic War began.

Слайд 3

Famous Battle for Moscow. There were a lot of great battles and great victories:

Слайд 4

The Battle for Stalingrad,

Слайд 5

The Tank Battle on Kursk Arc,

Слайд 6

Defense of Novorossiysk and Sevastopol. Many other great battles had brought the glory to our officers and soldiers.

Слайд 7

In 4 long years came the Great Victory. Why did our army, our people win it? It was possible because it was the war for our independence and liberation. Because all people of our multinational country fought together on the fronts and everybody from children to old men worked in the rear.

Слайд 8

It was a great effort of all our country. There were a lot of heroes (about 12000 become the titles the Hero of SU), a great number of brave actions.

Слайд 9

Why was it possible? It was possible because people fought for their native country, for every town, for every house, for every piece of their native land.

Слайд 10

They fought for their mothers, wives, children. They fought for their future, for our future. The belief into their families helped our defenders very much, gave them strength to fight, to be brave, to do heroic actions.

Слайд 11

A lot of people met their death during this war. How are they remembered by the Russian people, by present generation? We name the streets, the squares, cities and towns after their names.

Слайд 12

They brought the Victory for us and they are living in our hearts in the names of our streets, parks squares and we can say to those who fell for our country, who sleep at the grave carved on the gravestone “Your deed is immortal”.

Слайд 13

Использованы материалы: www.melomanu.ru http://sovpressa.ru www.muzbox.ru http://en.academic.ru http://victory-rusarchives.ru

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