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Art reflects life, so the saying goes. Real, live art appeals to our hearts and minds, to our feelings and ideals and it proclaims life. Art belongs to the people. The history of art beginning in the Renaissance and continuing on to our day and age confirms this.

Слайд 3

An artist is a worthy son of his time if his art is addressed to the people, when it deals with life, when he welcomes the sunrise as a wonderful symbol of man's finest hopes. It is close contact with the life of his people that gives an artist's work its power. One can find and study masterpieces of old and modern art in various picture galleries and museums.

Слайд 4

At all times art helped the man to develop his abilities, improve abstract thinking. In the course of ages the man tried to change art with growing intensity, improve it and extend his knowledge. Not only ancient works attract attention. The man constantly deals with works of art in everyday life. By visiting museums and exhibitions people want to join the amazing world which initially was available only for genius.

Слайд 5

Art is created by extraordinary people but belongs to millions and this is what is wonderful about art. It helps to understand, see and soak the beauty that takes a part in the ordinary life. First of all, art has influences upon formation of spiritual culture of the identity of the person, helps to learn itself and world around.

Слайд 6

It is supposed to refine a person, and the more often they contemplate paintings and architectural masterpieces, listen to fine music the better it is for them and people around. Art is many-sided, eternal though, unfortunately, it cannot influence people without their will, mental stress, and certain work of thought. People need to learn seeing and understanding the beautiful, then, art will beneficially influence them and the society in general.  

Слайд 7

Слайд 8

The end!

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