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American History

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American History

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Слайд 1

American History (A few points)

Слайд 2

Put these events in order: World War I War of Independence Great Depression American Civil War The start of expansion to the West

Слайд 3

Native Americans Before colonization, there were about 10 million people, in over 200 tribes. By 1865, only 300,000 remained. forced off their land many died from diseases brought by the colonists

Слайд 4

American Character American history has affected the character of American people Belief that anyone can be successful most people who came to America were poor; some became very rich Willing to take risks and try new things immigration to the “New World” travelling West to start a new life

Слайд 5

In 1788, 13 colonies become the United States of America.

Слайд 6

By 1796, a few more states have been created.

Слайд 7

America buys Louisiana from France in 1803.

Слайд 8

By 1837, new states have been created around the Mississippi.

Слайд 9

By 1850, Oregon and California become states. 1843: One thousand people travel to Oregon 1848: USA wins Texas in the Mexican War 1849: California gold rush 1862: A new law gives free land to settlers

Слайд 10

By 1912, all states except Alaska and Hawaii have been created.

Слайд 11

Vietnam War (1964 - 1975) Had a big effect on people: it lasted a long time (11 years) many Americans were hurt or killed America did not win the war horrible pictures on TV As the war continued, anger in America grew there were many protests

Слайд 12

Other Wars Other wars that America has been involved in since World War II include: Korean War (1950 - 1953) Gulf War (1990 - 1991) Kosovo War (1999) Iraq War (2003)

Слайд 13

Cold War After World War II, there were two superpowers: USA and USSR democratic USA, communist USSR There was constant tension, but never actual war: both built up their military power spied on each other provided money and support to groups in Korean, Vietnam, Middle East, etc

Слайд 14

America as a Superpower After the USSR broke up in 1991, USA became the only superpower. There are still some powerful countries in Europe and Asia. But sometimes America tries to ignore them. USA refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gases USA attacked Iraq without UN approval

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