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University college Aberystwyth (університет Аберісвіз)

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University college Aberystwyth (університет Аберісвіз)

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Слайд 1

Aberystwyth University College

Слайд 2

Excursion to the University History Location Social life Entertainment Academic life Sports life University Departments

Слайд 3

Location Aberystwyth University is located amidst some of the most spectacular scenery in Britain. The quality of student life is enhanced by the proximity to the great outdoors and the opportunity to participate in sporting activities that are not available at most other universities.

Слайд 4

History The establishment of Aberystwyth University is one of the great romantic,heroic, stories of modern Welsh history. It was the work of a small group of patriots, led by Hugh Owen, a London Welshman, who sought from the 1850s onwards to raise enough money by public and private subscription to establish a college of university status in Wales. It was almost an impossible ambition. In 1872, the University was opened in a half-finished hotel building on the sea front in Aberystwyth. There were 26 ill-prepared students and a teaching staff of three.

Слайд 5

The first dozen or so years were a desperate struggle for survival. Aberystwyth is one of the first institutions to admit female students.

Слайд 6

In 2007, all the colleges of the University of Wales entered a new phase of existence as independent universities, though strong bonds of co-operation remain, re-affirmed in the St David’s Day accord of 2009 between Aberystwyth and the other four leading universities of Wales. Newly independent, Aberystwyth University reflects with pride on the heritage of its past, and faces the future with the confidence.

Слайд 7

Social life University is not about studying 24 hours a day (although there will be times when you'll get close). Hence, a large proportion of your time will be "free time". What you do during your free time is totally up to you: whether you want to spend it on one of the many stunning beaches, listening to live music or even going out with friends, one thing is guaranteed: a superb social life.

Слайд 8

Entertainment The Students' Union, and Art Centre regularly attract some of the UK's top performers as well as up and coming acts and specialised artists. However, it doesn't just happen in the University. Plenty of places in Aberystwyth and the local area put on their own gig nights and festivals because of the high student population, making sure that you get an entertainment-rich university experience. For an in-depth look at some of the entertainment on offer to you, we've seperated the types of entertainment you can experience below: Music Performance Art Film Dance Literature