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Презентація на тему:
How to write a descriptive essay?

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How to write a descriptive essay?

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

How to write a descriptive essay?

Слайд 2

A descriptive essay about a person should consist of:

Слайд 3

Introduction Paragraph 1 Name the person when, where and how you first met him/her.

Слайд 4

Main Body Paragraph 2 Describe physical appearance (facial features and clothes) Paragraph 3 Describe personal qualities and examples Paragraph 4 Write about his/her hobbies/interests.

Слайд 5

Conclusion Paragraph 5 Write comments and feelings about the person.

Слайд 6

When you describe someone’s physical appearance you start with the general features and move on the more specific ones. You can also add a description of the clothes the person likes to wear. e.g. Sandra is a tall, slim woman in her early twenties. She has got blond hair, blue eyes. She usually wears smart suits.

Слайд 7

When you describe someone’s personal qualities you should support your description with examples and justifications. e.g. John is very shy. For example, he finds it difficult to make new friends.

Слайд 8

When you mention someone’s negative qualities you should use mild language (seems to, can be rather) For example, instead of saying Sara is lazy, it is better to say Sara can be rather lazy at times.

Слайд 9

Linking words and phrases To make your piece of writing more interesting, you can use linking words and phrases to join sentences or ideas together. Fanny is an attractive woman. She has got curly long hair. Fanny is an attractive woman with curly long hair. Tom is tall. He is thin. Tom is both tall and thin.

Слайд 10

You can join descriptions of similar personal qualities by using in addition, also, and, moreover. E.g. He is cheerful. He is always smiling. He always behaves politely. He is cheerful and is always smiling. Moreover, he always behaves politely.

Слайд 11

red / blonde / dark hair blue/ green/ brown eyes pointed/ small/ big nose Sara

Слайд 12

Valerіy slim/medium/ heavy young/ middle-aged/ old scar/ beard/ moustached

Слайд 13

Bill short/ average height/ tall dimples/ glasses/ beard sportswear/ business clothes/ casual dressed

Слайд 14

Tom early teens/ early thirties/ late forties wavy/ curly/ straight hair fair/ pale/ dark complexion

Слайд 15

Carly short/ long/ shoulder-length hair tanned/ pale/ olive skin friendly/ aggressive/ rude expression

Слайд 16

Complete these descriptions using the adjectives in the list: impatient, generous, cheerful, aggressive, energetic. 1.Sam is _____. Whenever he visits us he brings flowers and gifts for the children. 2. Lucy is _______. When she gets angry she starts shouting and bangs her fist on the table. 3. Jimmy is _____. When he has to wait for anything he constantly looks at his watch. 4. Anny is _____. She hardly ever gets tired and is enthusiastic about everything. 5. My aunt Christy is _____. She is always in a good mood and smiles a lot.

Слайд 17

Read the rubric and underline the key words. Then, read the composition and put the paragraphs into the correct order. In her spare time, Carly liked to listen to music. She loved pop music, and she used to bring me many of her favourite discs to listen to. I first met Carly when I was hospital in Toronto about two years ago. I was there on holiday, but had become seriously ill. Carly was the patient in the next bed. She not only kept me company the whole time I was in hospital, but also visited me after she recovered from her own illness. When I returned to Ukraine, we kept in touch by letter. Then, about a year ago, Carly got a new job and moved to another part of Canada. We have lost touch with each other, but I will never forget her. Carly had a quiet but friendly nature. She was generous as well as kind-hearted. Whenever she visited me she always brought flowers and chocolates. She talked in a low voice because she was rather shy. Carly was pretty. She was tall and fairly slim. She had a small pretty face, with smiling eyes and long curly blond hair. She liked to dress casually in bright clothes.

Слайд 18

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