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Natural disasters

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Natural disasters

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Слайд 1

Лінчук Олена Євгенівна вчитель англійської мови ЗОШ №7 І-ІІІ ст. м. Дубна Рівненської обл. Page

Слайд 2

Natural Disasters What disaster did you witness ?- I witnessed… 2. How did you feel? – - I was (not) frightened / was (not) scared Avalanches Landslides Floods Thunderstorms and lightning Droughts Hailstorms Wildfires Blizzards Page

Слайд 3

«EMERGENCY EXPERTS”: Match the words with their definitions: Aftermath Calamity Debris Emergency Extinguish Hazard Suffer Sympathy - unexpected dangerous situation requiring immediate action - to experience something unpleasant - an event that causes great damage to people’s lives, property - to make a fire stop burning - a result of an important (unpleasant) event - showing that you understand and care about somebody’s problem; - pieces of wood, metal, brick that are left after something has been destroyed. - something that could be dangerous. Page

Слайд 4

“HAZARD EXPERTS”: Match the synonyms to perish to collapse to happen devastating calamity hazard to be hurt survived to suffer from famine to warn - to be injured - to prevent - disaster - to starve - threat - damaging - to occur - to destroy - to die - rescued Page

Слайд 5

Pre- watching : choose proper word-combinations concerning aftermath of the calamity: «EMERGENCY EXPERTS”: what may happen to people “HAZARD EXPERTS”: what may happen to the affected area Felt helpless /gas and power lines were destroyed/ perished / had psychological problems /buildings were collapsed / felt despair / died /roads, crops, property were damaged/ were injured/ towns and villages were flooded / starve/were trapped under the debris/ drowned /areas became devastated / cars, ships were swept away/left homeless/suffered from depression/ Page

Слайд 6

While watching and listening: 1. What natural disasters are you watching? 2. What countries did they occur in? 3. What happened to people? 4. What happen to the affected area? Post – Watching and listening Comment on the events you have just watched, use the word-combinations from the previous exercise. Page

Слайд 7


Слайд 8

Project presentation and discussion. 1. What natural disaster do you consider to be the most dangerous and why? 2. Which of the calamities do you think are caused by human activity? Speak your mind using the following expressions: I am sure / I believe/ In my opinion / As the matter of fact / To my mind/ In my point of view Page

Слайд 9

Natural Disasters Page