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London is the capital of Great Britain

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London is the capital of Great Britain

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Слайд 1

London the capital of Great Britain -to develop speaking skills-; -to activate students’ vocabulary; -to broaden students’ outlook; - to practice students’ reading skills. -

Слайд 2


Слайд 3

Vocabulary work -- CORRECT THE MISTAKES: Great Britan, Quein, the United Kingdom of Northen Ireland,Buckingham Palece,the Tover of London,Skotland,the ma-n street, Westminster Abbay,monarck,sihtseeing,big ben. --WRITE THE MISSING LETTER: Brita-n ,W -les, capi-al, is wa-hed b-, bri-ge,ro-al, W-stminster, the Ho-se of Parl-ament,H-de Park, the T-ames,the Hea-d of the Gove-ment,En-land. --MAKE THE WORD COMBINATIONS: Britain.Business. London. Palace. The House. Tower. The British.Great. Family. Buckingham. The famous. The Royal. Parliament.Center. --MAKE THE WORD COMBINATIONS: Britain.Business. London. Palace. The House. Tower. The British.Great. Family. Buckingham. The famous. The Royal. --MAKE THE WORD COMBINATIONS: Britain. Business. London. Palace. The House. Tower. The British. Great. Family.Isles. Buckingham. The famous. The Royal. Parliament. Church. Center.

Слайд 4

London the capital of Great Britain London is a very old city. It is about 2 thousand years old. It’s not only the capital city of Great Britain, it’s one of the biggest cities of the world. London is situated on the banks of the river Thames. As an old city, London has a great number of places of historic interest. London is divided into four parts, They are Westminster, the City, the East End, the West End. Westminster is the historic area of London. Westminster Abbey is the church, where the British monarchs have been crowed, married, buried since the 11-th century. The Houses of Parliament are the part of London called Westminster .They stand on the north side of the Thames. Here you can hear the chimes of Big Ben, one of the biggest bells in the world. The main street of London is the Whitehall. There are many government offices here. The City is the business center. London is rich in famous places. Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Royal family. Thou the building isn’t an architectural masterpiece, its interior decoration, paintings, furniture are worth to see. The greatest English church is St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was built by famous architect Christopher Wren. Trafalgar Square is considered to be the center of London. The Regent Street is famous the richest shops, supermarkets. The British Museum is one of the best-known for its library, reading-room, the collection of manuscripts. By the Thames there is the Tower of London, one of the oldest and interesting buildings in Great Britain. It was used to be the royal palace, the fortress, a prison. Now it is opened for visitors.It is a tradition to keep ravens in the Tower.

Слайд 5

COMPLETE THE SENTENCES -London is… The parts of London are… -The Houses of Parliament … - The official residence of Queen is… -The oldest part of London is… -The most famous library is … -Buckingham palace is… -St. Paul’s Cathedral was built… -The Tower of London … -The Thames … ANSWER THE QUESTIONS -Where is London situated? -What is London ? -How many parts is London divided into? -What is Big Ben ? -Where have the British monarchs been crowned ? -Where do the Royal Family live ? -What is Westminster Abbey famous for ? -What is the main street of London ? -Where is the British Government situated ? What part of London is the best place for shopping ? -What is the business part of London? -What sights of London do you know ?

Слайд 6

EXPLAIN THE MEANING OF THE WORDS capital residence masterpiece architect queen monarchy

Слайд 7

CORRECT THE MISTAKES London is divided into three parts. London is the capital of Ireland. Big Ben is a main street. There are no churches in London. The Tower of London is a small church. PUT THE WORDS IN THE CORRECT ORDER -Europe-in-Great Britain-island-is-the largest -several-are-there-football teams-in-national-Britain Is-cold-and wet-in winter-Great Britain-in-the weather

Слайд 8

Match the beginning and the end of the sentences London stands on… There are 7 bridges… More than 7 million people… There are 8 tunnels… Big Ben… The Tower of London… Buckingham Palace is… live in London. was a prison in the past. over the Thames. was built by Ch.Wren. the royal residence. the river Thames. under the river Thames.

Слайд 9

read the text and say what impressed you most of all Windsor Castle is a queen’s favourite home. It is 32 kilometres west of London. There the Queen spends almost every weekend and Christmas. The castle was built in the 110th century. It consists of a number of buildings of different epochs. For almost 900 years Windsor Castle has been and still is the largest castle in the world, and also the Royal residence. That is why wonderful architecture as well as collection of paintings, sculpture are accumulated there. It stands in a large park called Windsor Great Park. The “Royal Collection” is a collection of drawings. It includes several canvases by Leonardo da Vinci; paintings by Rembrandt and famous English artist Thomas Lawrence. Queen Mary’s Doll’s House is the beautiful toy collection made for King George V’s wife. The Doll’s House was shown at the British Empire Exhibition in 1934.The mechanical and engineering equipment is made to work, including the water system, the electric lights and two lifts. The gramophone plays and the bottles in the wine cellar contain real wine. The Doll’s House was invented as an accurate record of contemporary domestic design. It may be justly said that Windsor Castle has one of the most brilliant collection of human skill and talent.

Слайд 10

Windsor castle. The doll's house

Слайд 11

You can use the pictures at the lesson

Слайд 12

The Tower of London is famous for its history. It was a royal palace, a fortress, a prison. It is a museum now. It is visited by many tourists. Many people take care of the Tower. They feed ravens. the legend says that the ravens are the life of London. the Tower was built in 1066.

Слайд 13

Westminster Abbey is the Royal church. Almost all the british monarchs have been crowned, married, buried here. It is more political than religious site .benedictine monks first came to this site in the middle of the 10-thcentury.

Слайд 14

The london eye is a giant ferris wheel situated on the banks of the thames. it was built in 1999.the entire structure is 135m tall. It has 32 capsules and carries around 10.000 visitors every day.

Слайд 15

Buckingham palace is the official residence of the british royal family. it is used as a royal home since 1837. the palace has 775 rooms. These include 19 state rooms, 52 royal and guests bedrooms, 188 staff rooms, 93 office rooms and 78 bathrooms. more than 50.000 people visit the palace each year as guests to banquets, lunches, dinners and the royal garden parties ,as 36.6m long, 18m wide, 13.5m high, the ball room is the largest multi-purpose room in the palace .it was opened in 1856.

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