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Three categories of institutions

Слайд 3

1) the university 2) the technical training institutions 3) the two-year, or community college

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The Ivy League The most selective are the old private north-eastern universities, commonly known as the Ivy League, include Harvard Radcliffe, Yale University, Columbia College, Princeton University, Brown University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, University of Pennsylvania.

Слайд 6

Columbia University Low Memorial Library

Слайд 7

Yale University

Слайд 8

Harvard University: Harvard Yard   with freshman dorms in the background

Слайд 9

Princeton University

Слайд 10

University Hall at Brown University

Слайд 11

Dartmouth College (Library)

Слайд 12

College and university admission/entrance requirements

Слайд 13

1) application including personal information 2) high school report 3) one or more recommendations by school teachers 4) personal commentary 5) personal interview

Слайд 14

SAT — the Scholastic Aptitude Test used since 1947: 1600 scores — a good result; 400 scores — poor The SAT is taken in the-11th grade of high school Many educators point out that SAT scores are related to family income SAT can be taken two or three times, generally proceeded by PSAT

Слайд 15

ACT — the American College Testing program is similar to SAT but scores social studies and the natural studies. Both tests are widely used in the admission process of US colleges and universities. ACT is meant to be taken only once.

Слайд 16

"TOEFL" stands for the Test of English as a Foreign Language. This test is used to measure your English language proficiency. If you are applying to a college or university, your TOEFL scores will help the admission staff determine if your skills are adequate for enrollment into the program of study you have selected.

Слайд 17

Administration and organization

Слайд 18

President (Chancellor) Vice-presidents directors deans - business managers Each university consists of a number of units called either College or School.

Слайд 19

Tenure signifies that a faculty member has become a full and permanent member of the academic body of the university and provides the faculty member with the right of continued employment without discriminatory reduction in salary unless there be grave reasons for dismissal.

Слайд 20

Career development and job placement an academic advising service which provides up-to-date information on career areas and individual career counseling and planning.

Слайд 21

Counselor a person on a university staff who provides counseling and consultation service to help in decisions re garding courses, majors, vocational plans, career opportunities and personal matters.

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Слайд 23

The Associates' degree — the Associate of Arts (AA.), the Associate of Science (A.S.) — is usually awarded at a community or junior college upon completion of 2 years of study The Bachelors degree normally requires 4 years of academic study beyond the high school diploma: the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), the Bachelor of Science (B.S.); the Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.); the Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.), etc.

Слайд 24

The Master's degree — programs leading to the degree usually require 1 or 2 years of advanced study in graduate-level courses and seminars. Frequently a thesis is required or a final oral or written examination The Doctor's degree — the highest academic degree, it requires a minimum of 2 years of course work beyond the Master's degree level, success in a qualifying examination, proficiency in one or two foreign languages and/or in a research tool and completion of a doctoral dissertation.

Слайд 25

Academic Year

Слайд 26

Academic Year is usually nine months duration, or two semesters of four and a half months each There are summer classes for those who want to improve the grades or take up additional courses During one term or semester, a student will study, concurently, four or five different subjects. The students' progress is often assessed through quizzes (short oral or written tests), term papers and a final examination in each course.

Слайд 27

Student Financial Aid sums of money for students who need financial aid to attend college. Financial Aid is normally awarded as part of a package: - part grant; - part loan; - part work.

Слайд 28

Students Union The largest and most active has been the United States National Student Association, with headquarters in Washington, D.C. (USNSA). A great deal of the cultural and recreational life at a university is created and conducted by student groups.

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